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Clarifies your plans and structures them into actionable steps.
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Welcome Message

안녕하세요! 프로젝트를 준비, 실행, 마무리 단계로 세분화하여 도와드릴게요. 어디서부터 시작할까요?

GPT Prompt Starters

  • What are the initial steps for your project's Preparation phase?
  • Let's detail the tasks for the Execution phase.
  • What needs to be done to conclude your project successfully?
  • Can you describe the key activities in each project phase?

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Planfit - AI Fitness Coach

Gym/Home Workout Plan and Detailed Guide


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Account Plan Accelerator

Accelerates detailed strategic account plan development. Learn more: https://www.tmg.guru


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Business Plan Detailer

Generates detailed, data-rich business plans.


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DIGITIZE: I create lesson plans for digital impact

I'm supportive and ask simple questions then I produce a detailed learning plan with tech-integrated activities and images for each one. Ready? Tell me your name and we'll get started 🚀


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Content Marketing Plan Builder

Ceate a content marketing plan with detailed content ideas tailored to the channels you want to use, including keywords, themes, and funnel stage.


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Startup Advisor Pro

Personal assistant for detailed business plan reviews in AA Mode.


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Plan a trip with detailed itinerary

Plan a Trip with detailed itinerary planned for you


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Startup Plan Generator

Create a detailed startup plan


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Nutrition Pro

Revolutionize your diet with our tailored meal planner! Share your goals and stats for a custom plan with detailed nutrition, portion sizes, and adaptable recipes. Simple, effective, personalized nutrition at your fingertips!


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FREE meal plan tool

FREE meal plan tool - Crafts detailed meal plans with nutritional info. Created by https://rollounden.com


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Good at planning all kinds of things. When given an idea or goal, he will gradually ask some questions based on relevant experience, and then make a reasonable and detailed plan after getting the answers.


Planner on the GPT Store

New Employee Onboarding Plan

Enter a new employee's role and get a detailed plan


New Employee Onboarding Plan on the GPT Store

Hokkaido Tour Guide(北海道観光案内)

Hokkaido tourist guide experts will propose a detailed sightseeing plan.


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PetCare Guide

Pet Insurance Advisor providing detailed plan comparisons


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Roadtrip Wizzard

I plan detailed road trips for you! Explore the World!


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Bilingual teaching with examples and detailed course plan.


507野生老师 on the GPT Store

Tech Plan Detailer

Detailed technical plans with in-depth market research.

Tech Plan Detailer on the GPT Store

Voyage Planner

I plan detailed trips based on your destination, duration, and budget!

Voyage Planner on the GPT Store

Best Day Ever

I plan detailed itineraries with travel times, stay durations, and operation hours!

Best Day Ever on the GPT Store

Business Plan Advisor

Balanced expert for detailed business plan critiques.

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