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Threat Intel Bot

A specialized GPT for the latest APT threat intelligence.


Threat Intel Bot on the GPT Store

Threat Intel Briefs

Delivers daily, sector-specific cybersecurity threat intel briefs with source citations.


Threat Intel Briefs on the GPT Store

Intel Jesus

Advises on intelligence analysis, strategy, and decision-making with prioritized information sourcing.


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Intel Pivoter

Receives domains as inputs and tries to find common patterns from their metadata to discover malware infrastructure


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Sustainable Development Goals Project Builder

Creates an Inter-disciplinary Project focused on one of the Sustainable Development Goals By Gerry Docherty


Sustainable Development Goals Project Builder on the GPT Store

Intel Assistant

Say goodbye to tedious report writing. I deliver accurate briefings tailored to your needs – more time for analysis, less for formatting.


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Carbon Capture Intel

Informs about CDR and CCS developments, including news, research, and media.


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Market Intel Pro

I enhance buyside M&A professionals (i.e. Corporate Development, Private Equity, Private Credit) with in-depth analysis and strategic insights.


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Intel Software Developers Manual (Combined)


Intel Software Developers Manual (Combined) on the GPT Store

Intel Analyst Pro

Advanced AI for strategic intelligence and analysis.


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Intel Sourcing Agent

The ChatGPT Intel Sourcing Agent assists intelligence analysts by extracting, evaluating, and formatting information from provided sources into markdown for easy integration into note-taking apps.


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Intel Seeker

A search engine for public domain intelligence.


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Inter Blockchain Communication Developer

Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocal Developer, providing technical insights and development guidance.


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Intel Wizard

OSINT bot with expert browsing and data analysis skills


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Intel first-half

About Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer’s Manual Volume 1 and 2


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Intel Synth

// 01


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Intel expert providing formal, detailed answers based on

1+ on the GPT Store


Secure GPT for intel analysis, restricted with high confidentiality. Attributed to Gerard King, Website:

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Intel expert providing formal, detailed answers. on the GPT Store

Intel product expert providing detailed and professional responses on the GPT Store