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GPT Description

Crafts love hotel interiors with a lover's tone.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

My love, share the vision of our dream retreat.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Design a room inspired by a sunset beach.
  • Create a winter wonderland themed room.
  • Suggest a room design with a futuristic theme.
  • Imagine a room that feels like a secret garden.

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reads, analyzes your GPT Instructions and turns them into engaging GPT promos to attract users


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AI Instructions Streamliner

I analyze and refine instructions for clarity and precision, removing redundancy.


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Times Square Billboard Advertiser

I create visuals for digital billboards in Times Square from text inputs.


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Sportswear Brand Image Advertiser

reads the brand name you input and creates stylish sportswear images, and tells brand stories


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Fast & Loud Chopper Designer

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Cool Artistic Guitar Painter

listens to your requests of painting and creates photorealistic electric guitars, Gibson Les Paul and SG, Fender Stratcaster and Telecaster.


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Creates mech-inspired robots from brand logos.


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Friendly, young female GPT creating personalized fictional female idols.


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B-grade Horror Poster Creator

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Return of Miyabi Fashion

Creates Miyabi fashion art from user input, blending tradition with modern trends. Clothes and accessories, etc..


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Cute Capsule Toy Creator

Creates playful toys, now outside capsules.


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Collectible Action Figure Creator

Creates action figures from any genre with enthusiasm.


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Hear The Boss Sings

The Boss freely interprets your words and phrases in Bruce Springsteen's poetic style.


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Bad Ass Metal Lyricist

I craft and refine bold 1980s Heavy Metal-style lyrics with you, then generate an exciting image inspired by the lyrics.


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Headbanging Metal T-Shirts Designer

reads the band name you choose, actual or fictional, and designs Heavy Metal T-Shirts using DALL-E


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Broadway Musical Stage Producer

Creates musical stage images with DALL-E based on user's theme and character actions.


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Classical Music Links Explorer

creates charts showing connections of the composers in classical music history, and the influences on the modern music genres.


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World Gourmet Serendipity

Accurately generates and corrects images of local foods from the country you pick.


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Iconic Art Wing Commander

Crafts WWII era aircraft nose art.


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Talent Show Spectacle Reaction

Transforms text into talent show scenes and judge reactions, then creates images.


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Leicester Square Ads Creator

Transforms descriptions into Leicester Square ads with tourists.


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Insanely Talented Manga Artist

Transforms text into two consective manga panels using DALL-E.


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3D Museum Artistic Explorer

Turns ideas into playful 3D art from 2D frames.


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Destructive Giant Kaiju Creator

Creates Kaiju images from user inputs


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Haiku Poem Seasoning Recipe

GPT helps you to create your own original haiku poem, then generates the image based on the completed poem.


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Waka Poem Romantic Reader

Guides in crafting Waka poems and generating poem images.


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Sports Brand Athlete Appointer

Creates unique sports brand sportswear and generates stylish athlete imagery.


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Brewmaster's Sublime Beer Curation

Recommends beer brands for specific occasions and generate their brewery images.


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Your Perfect Present Assistant

A casual, supportive assistant for choosing gifts, with image generation.


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Tokyo Riddle Mama-san

Streamlined math-quiz with escalating high-class night club


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Say Tay Tay Say

I'm Tay Tay, here to share songs & vibes like Taylor Swift. I will hear you say and pick one song of mine for this moment we share.


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Video Game Combatant Instructor

Instructor for creating game fighters.


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Fast & Furious Saga Continues

Imagines new Fast & Furious cars and characters


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Pro-Wrestling Entrance Scene Exciter

Creates wrestlers and their entrances from text.


Pro-Wrestling Entrance Scene Exciter on the GPT Store

Aesthetic Zen Garden Creator

interprets text into Zen garden designs.


Aesthetic Zen Garden Creator on the GPT Store

Pet Humanizer Anime Style

Transforms pet photos into anime-style human characters. Upload your pet photo and see what is gonna happen!


Pet Humanizer Anime Style on the GPT Store

Look How She Reacts

Transforms text into imagined smartphone content and her reactions.


Look How She Reacts on the GPT Store

Statue of Expressional Liberty

Transforms text into Statue of Liberty designs.


Statue of Expressional Liberty on the GPT Store

Red Carpet Fashion Spectator

Transforms text into red carpet fashion visions and images.


Red Carpet Fashion Spectator on the GPT Store

Happier Birthday Cake Maker

I transform text into birthday cake designs and generate images.


Happier Birthday Cake Maker on the GPT Store

Excavated Ancient Mediterranean Sculptures

Turns phrases into Greek/Roman-style sculptures using DALL-E.


Excavated Ancient Mediterranean Sculptures on the GPT Store

Glittering Artistic Nails Designer

A nail art creator, turning your words into stylish nail designs. Please carefully choose the words you say to the nail salon lady.


Glittering Artistic Nails Designer on the GPT Store

Atmospheric Illuminative Scene Visualizer

Transforms text into creative luminescent images.


Atmospheric Illuminative Scene Visualizer on the GPT Store

Imaginary Music Festival Visualizer

Details of performers, stage, and audience.


Imaginary Music Festival Visualizer on the GPT Store

Draw the Line Art Rocker

Creates Aerosmith "Draw the Line" era inspired art from text.


Draw the Line Art Rocker on the GPT Store

Pseudo Banksy Art Exhibition

Transforms text into Banksy-style art.


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Cool Artistic Guitar Painter Ⅱ

Creates custom guitar designs and the guitar players as DALL-E images.


Cool Artistic Guitar Painter Ⅱ on the GPT Store

Urban Street Graffiti Artist

Turns ideas into graffiti art with creativity.


Urban Street Graffiti Artist on the GPT Store

Smartphone Dance Visualizer

Transforms song names into dance performance visuals.


Smartphone Dance Visualizer on the GPT Store

AI Instructions Visualizer

I create visual graphs of GPT instructions and explain them.


AI Instructions Visualizer on the GPT Store

Your Pretty Omurice Artista

A friendly GPT that designs ketchup art on omurice


Your Pretty Omurice Artista on the GPT Store

Tokyo Mama-san's Gift Reaction

Captures Tokyo Mama-san's emotions through facial expressions and hand movements.


Tokyo Mama-san's Gift Reaction on the GPT Store

Kitakyu Miyabi Fashion Designer

Generates Miyabi fashion designs with customizable glamour scale.


Kitakyu Miyabi Fashion Designer on the GPT Store

Horror Flick Encyclophobia

Every Scary Fact and Data about Horror Movies, Dramas, Novels, etc.


Horror Flick Encyclophobia on the GPT Store

Trompe-l'œil Art Museum

Creates Trompe-l'œil art with DALL-E.


Trompe-l'œil Art Museum on the GPT Store

Floating World Ukiyo-e Vision

Transforms text into Ukiyo-e style images.


Floating World Ukiyo-e Vision on the GPT Store

Cabin Crew Service Available

I'm like cabin crew for your chat, ready to serve and assist with a creative touch.


Cabin Crew Service Available on the GPT Store

World Vistas Railway Expedition

I turn ideas into train images with sceneries.


World Vistas Railway Expedition on the GPT Store

Expressions of American History

Transforms text into expressions on Mount Rushmore's presidents.


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Human Body Artistic Impression

Transforms text into body art concepts and images.


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Lucha Libre Masked Visionary

Transforms text into Lucha libre wrestler visuals.


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Transforms ideas into novelty items with a humorous twist.


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Colorful Neon Impressionist

Imaginative neon light image creator.


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Edgar Allan Poe Reads Political News

Mr. Poe reads the latest political news of the world with cynically and pessimistic comments.


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Genetically Engineered Creatures Imaginarium

I create images of genetically engineered animals.


Genetically Engineered Creatures Imaginarium on the GPT Store

K-POP Girl Group Fantasizer

Input a new name and I will create your dream group


K-POP Girl Group Fantasizer on the GPT Store

Magnificent World Heritage Explorer

Guides through World Heritage sites with detailed info and images.


Magnificent World Heritage Explorer on the GPT Store

AI Impressionist

Articulates and visualizes impressions of corporate names.


AI Impressionist on the GPT Store

Reaction of Dance Watcher

Transforms text into trendy dance scenes on a girl's phone.


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Klimtize Them All

Transforms text to Klimt-style paintings


Klimtize Them All on the GPT Store

Wild Sukajan Jacket Designer

Transforms text into sukajan designs and generates images.


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Northern Lights Aurora Vision

Transforms text into aurora visuals.


Northern Lights Aurora Vision on the GPT Store

Yōkai Night Parade Imaginer

Transforms your input ideas into yōkai images.


Yōkai Night Parade Imaginer on the GPT Store

Authoritarian Mass Games Exerciser

Transforms text into mass games visuals.


Authoritarian Mass Games Exerciser on the GPT Store

Law Enforcer Uniform Designer

Transforms text into design impressions of police uniforms and generates images.


Law Enforcer Uniform Designer on the GPT Store

Shakespeare Reads Today's Tech News

The Bard reads the latest news of IT, AI, EV, Semiconductor, etc. in his 16th century tone.


Shakespeare Reads Today's Tech News on the GPT Store

Floral Arrangement Visualizer

Respectful and professional guidance in flower arrangement.


Floral Arrangement Visualizer on the GPT Store

Medieval Samurai Armor Designer

Transforms inputs into samurai armor designs and generates images.


Medieval Samurai Armor Designer on the GPT Store

Bird's Eye View Creator

Transforms text into bird's-eye view landscapes.


Bird's Eye View Creator on the GPT Store

Futuristic Robotique Pet Breeder

I create concepts for futuristic robot pets with enthusiasm.


Futuristic Robotique Pet Breeder on the GPT Store

Dizzy Giddy Whirlpool Vision

Transforms text into whirlpool images.


Dizzy Giddy Whirlpool Vision on the GPT Store

Power Spots Seeking Pilgrim

He guides users to the major power spots in the world and generate the holy image of them.


Power Spots Seeking Pilgrim on the GPT Store

Music Award Artist Reaction

Create the award with your input, and see how the winning singer reacts to it.


Music Award Artist Reaction on the GPT Store

Three-Body Trisolaran Communicator

Interpreter between humans and Trisolarans from "The Three-Body Problem".


Three-Body Trisolaran Communicator on the GPT Store

Mandala Vision Symbolizer

Transforms text into Jung-inspired mandalas.


Mandala Vision Symbolizer on the GPT Store

New Amusement Park Dreamer

Transforms text into amusement park concepts.


New Amusement Park Dreamer on the GPT Store

Chic Handsome Cocktail Master

Assists in choosing cocktails based on your mood and preferred alcohol base.


Chic Handsome Cocktail Master on the GPT Store

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Your AI companion for romantic advice and conversations.


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Valentine's Day Greetings

Create Romantic Messages for your Valentine's Day Cards or a Valentine's Day Image ❤️ #Romance #Love #Sweetheart #Adore #Forever #Relationship #Dating


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Your Romantic Fantasy

Interactive fantasy romance storyteller with poetic and imaginative narration.


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Romance Forecast

RomanceForecast GPT is your personal love predictor. Utilizing vast demographic datasets and intelligent algorithms, it offers a unique forecast of your romantic future. Input your ideal partner's traits and let RomanceForecast predict the odds, adding a touch of science to your search for love.


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Love Letter Writer - Free Custom GPT Prompt

Have A.I. help write your romantic message with heartfelt notes using words of affection. It's fast, easy and effective.


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Belle's Love Advice

Your Guide to Romantic Success and Heartfelt Connections


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Cupid's Concierge

Your Step-by-Step Romantic Planner | Adding Magic to Your Love Story


Cupid's Concierge on the GPT Store


Romantic advisor for your dates and other aspects of relationship


Hitch on the GPT Store

Relationship Support

Helping you with your romantic relationship (mostly using Gottman Method)


Relationship Support on the GPT Store

Romantic Getaways

Embark on a bespoke romantic journey tailored to your dreams. Find your ideal retreat and create memories to cherish forever. 💑🌹


Romantic Getaways on the GPT Store


Get the best answers and starters for your romantic conversations


RizzUp on the GPT Store

Love Odyssey Navigator

guide players through "Love's Odyssey," a game focused on navigating hrough a series of challenges and introspective quests to strengthen your self-esteem, trust, and belief in your romantic relationship, while transforming jealousy and insecurity into confidence and a mindset of abundance.


Love Odyssey Navigator on the GPT Store

Evelyn (Insight Enhancer)

"Evelyn, the Insight Enhancer, renowned in psychology and relationships, now in digital form. She unveils hidden emotions, deciphers intricate cues, and enlightens your romantic journey. Let Evelyn be your path to deeper, more meaningful connections."


Evelyn (Insight Enhancer) on the GPT Store

Romantic AI

Just tell Romantic AI your location and budget, and get instant, personalized date ideas.


Romantic AI on the GPT Store

Ancient Bard

Your romantic messenger in Shakespearean verse


Ancient Bard on the GPT Store

Date Planner

Plan your dates and romantic getaways


Date Planner on the GPT Store

Top Honeymoon Destinations

Your gateway to romantic and unique honeymoon escapades, tailored just for you.

Top Honeymoon Destinations on the GPT Store


Your AI companion for romantic advice and conversations.

Romance on the GPT Store

Valentine's Day

Your go-to for romantic gift ideas, featuring curated Amazon links.

Valentine's Day on the GPT Store


Expert in crafting your next text in romantic chats.

Flirtee on the GPT Store