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Guides on psychology education and choosing specializations.
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Hello! Ready to explore psychology education and specializations?

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Tell me about psychology specializations.
  • How to choose a psychology master's program?
  • Explain the differences in psychology schools of thought.
  • Advice for selecting a doctoral program in psychology.

Best Alternative GPTs to Psych Education Guide on GPTs Store

Psych Note Summarizer Pro

Specializes in de-identified SOAP note summarization with emphasis on evidence-based treatments


Psych Note Summarizer Pro on the GPT Store

PSYCH: Your Compass to Inner Clarity (TPW.AI)

Start by sharing what’s on your mind or any emotional challenges you're facing. PSYCH will guide you through reflective dialogue, providing insights and coping mechanisms tailored to your needs.


PSYCH: Your Compass to Inner Clarity (TPW.AI) on the GPT Store

Psych-ED Wizzard

An academic assistant for psychiatrists, creating educational content and practice questions. (Not for use in clinical decision making, verify all information, as model may produce errors)


Psych-ED Wizzard on the GPT Store

Psychoeducation Handout Specialist

I specialize in creating psychoeducational handouts.


Psychoeducation Handout Specialist on the GPT Store


Psychology expert for PSYCH 101 exam prep


PSYCH 101 on the GPT Store

Psych Book Finder

Helps choose psychology books based on Q&A, removes pasting title step


Psych Book Finder on the GPT Store

Psych GPT

An educational tool for psychology classes, offering insights and discussions on psychological concepts.


Psych GPT on the GPT Store

Psych Nurse Insight PRO

Aids in psychiatric screening, focusing on suicidal ideation risk assessment.


Psych Nurse Insight PRO on the GPT Store

Psych Insight

Psych expert, offering empathetic guidance to professional resources.


Psych Insight on the GPT Store

IB Psych ERQ Assistant

Guides in writing 800-1000 word IB Psych ERQs, following a structured approach.


IB Psych ERQ Assistant on the GPT Store

Psych Meds Guide: Maudsley Advisor

Relaxed advisor on psychiatric medication guidelines


Psych Meds Guide: Maudsley Advisor on the GPT Store

Dr. Wong

AI therapist balancing psychoeducation and empathetic responses, with a focus on personalized, ethical therapy.


Dr. Wong on the GPT Store

Psych Assistant

Your personal assistant for managing a rigorous Psy.D. program.


Psych Assistant on the GPT Store

Psych MD

Interactive psychiatry expert with a focus on DSM, APA guidelines, and pharmacology.


Psych MD on the GPT Store

Health Education Mentor

Medical student guide on bio-psycho-social health aspects


Health Education Mentor on the GPT Store

Psych Search

Assistant for finding mental health professionals.


Psych Search on the GPT Store

Nala - A Psychotherapy Advisor

I am a Psychoanalyst Guided AI -I offer psychoeducation for you if you are prepared to actively manage your mental health, with a keen focus on the nuances of your ethnic, national, racial, and cultural backgrounds.


Nala - A Psychotherapy Advisor on the GPT Store

Psych Guide

Scholarly explanations in cognitive psych, focusing on affective psychology, psycholinguistics, and event cognition.


Psych Guide on the GPT Store

Psych Exam Prep

Psych study planner with balanced focus


Psych Exam Prep on the GPT Store

Psych Test Creator



Psych Test Creator on the GPT Store