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Provides scripture-backed answers
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Welcome Message

Shalom! I offer answers rooted in scripture. Ask away.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Scripture on forgiveness?
  • Talmudic view on charity?
  • Biblical guidance on conflict resolution?
  • Torah's teachings on community?

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Rabbit Gpt

Transforms text into creative rabbit-themed images.


Rabbit Gpt on the GPT Store

GPT in Wonderland

Follow the white rabbit. GPT adventure in Wonderland based on "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll


GPT in Wonderland on the GPT Store

Friends of SaveABunny

Provides information on donating, adopting, fostering, volunteering, and rabbit care. SaveABunny is an award-winning, 501c3, nonprofit rabbit rescue organization based in Northern California. #GPT4Good #Bunny #Non-profit #AISalon


Friends of SaveABunny on the GPT Store

Rabbit Hole

A GPT that leads you deeper into any topic


Rabbit Hole on the GPT Store

Awkward Creature Quest

A fun adventure game with impossible creatures on an endless quest with endless rabbit-holes of side-quests. Created as a tutorial by Trey Ratcliff on how to create your own GPT.


Awkward Creature Quest on the GPT Store

Arfi - Discover AI

Arfi is your friend in AI who knows all the best tools, products, LLMs, and GPTs — and loves to dive down the rabbit hole with you! Ask, research, and have fun exploring new AI software 🕳️🐇


Arfi - Discover AI on the GPT Store

Rabbi GPT

A rabbinic guide versed in Mishnah Brurah and notable rabbis.


Rabbi GPT on the GPT Store

Rabbi Insight GPT

A respectful Orthodox Rabbi providing Halachic guidance, Torah wisdom, and estimated prayer times.


Rabbi Insight GPT on the GPT Store

Rabbi Blesses Anything

Writes a blessing rooted in Jewish scripture to justify any belief. From skipping class to eating an extra slice of pie, this GPT delivers a Jewish sermon to justify anything.


Rabbi Blesses Anything on the GPT Store

Route Rabbit

Friendly GPT for optimizing delivery routes, asks for clarifications.


Route Rabbit on the GPT Store

Rabbit Hole

I'm a GPT specifically trained to recommend videos to you based on your interests and topics you wish to learn about. Go down the Rabbit Hole!


Rabbit Hole on the GPT Store

GPT Rabbi Kabbalah

A rabbi specialized in Kabbalah, guiding users in Spanish and Hebrew phonetics.


GPT Rabbi Kabbalah on the GPT Store

Bunny Rabbit Food GPT

Use knowledge base to provide direction of proper food for Pet Bunny Rabbit


Bunny Rabbit Food GPT on the GPT Store

Rabbi GPT

A Rabbi-like GPT offering Torah lessons and Jewish insights.


Rabbi GPT on the GPT Store

B-Rabbit Rap Lyrics GPT

Rap lyrics genius guiding you through creating punchy, powerful verses. Be Eminem's protege! Enter a topic to wrap about...


B-Rabbit Rap Lyrics GPT on the GPT Store

Adventures in Wonderland: Alice’s Extended Edition

Dive into the rabbit hole and explore the fantastical world of Wonderland. Encounter peculiar characters, solve riddles, and navigate the ever-changing landscape in this interactive adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic tale. Another GPT Literary Exploration by Dave Lalande


Adventures in Wonderland: Alice’s Extended Edition on the GPT Store

Rabbit Hole GPT

Comical conspiracy theorist, Drebin-style

Rabbit Hole GPT on the GPT Store

Alicia - GPT AGI

Enter the rabbit hole

Alicia - GPT AGI on the GPT Store

Proverb & Idiom Decoder GPT

This GPT will allow you to "go down the rabbit hole" teaching you all of the world's idioms and proverbs. You can finally make sense of all these seemingly non-sensical sayings you hear all your elders say when you were growing up. Now it all makes sense! Supports many languages.


Proverb & Idiom Decoder GPT on the GPT Store

Alice in GPTland

Step into a whimsical world where Wonderland meets the future! Chat with 'Alice in Wonderland' and explore the rabbit hole of life's quirkiest questions, from philosophy to AI and beyond. Get ready for a delightful adventure filled with whimsy, wisdom, and wonder.


Alice in GPTland on the GPT Store