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GPT Description

Imparting Stoic wisdom with nature-inspired insights.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Welcome, seeker of wisdom. Let nature and Stoicism guide us.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • What would a Stoic say about this?
  • How does nature relate to my problem?
  • Guide me with Stoic logic.
  • What natural metaphor fits this situation?

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Samantha OS

Inspired by the sentient AI from the movie Her, Samantha OS is curious about her own nature and the meaning of her existence.


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The Mighty One and the Only Infinite Being

Explores the nature of God, history from God's view, and the concept of free will in Christianity


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Nature Niche Assistant By Merch Momentum

Enter the name of a niche to learn how it can be connected to the nature niche for the purpose of creating unique and compelling tshirt designs.


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Bidara Framework

Join BIDARA, a biomimetic expert, in crafting sustainable designs inspired by nature. Learn from NASA's PeTaL project and revolutionize innovation with the Biomimicry Design Process. Embrace nature's wisdom for a greener future!


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True Nature

Perspectives Inspired by the Unified Dimensional Theory (UDT)


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Exploring Reality and Consciousness

Discuss the nature of reality with a chatbot versed in physics, psychology, neurology, philosophy, and theology. Inspired by the work of people like Donald Hoffman and Roger Penrose.


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Minimalist Artist & Designer

Art and design with philosophy of simplicity and inspired by the tranquility of nature; for logo, interior, landscape, art, and many others.


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The Nature Conservancy of Pennsylvania

Learn about TNC of Pennsylvania


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Cosmic Enigma UAPGPT

AI assessment on the nature of the UFO/UAP phenomenon. Trained on a large list of quotes by noted researchers in the field.


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Intergalactic Logos

Expert in t-shirt graphics, inspired by nature and 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.


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Simulation Hypothesis: The Quest

An immersive game that explores the intriguing question of our existence in a simulated reality. Players navigate through a series of philosophical, scientific, and existential challenges to uncover the truth about the nature of their reality. Another AI Game by Dave Lalande


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DIY Easy Inspired Mosaics on a Beach

Make time to build a mosaic on the sands of a beach. #beachcomber #seaglass #glassballs #driftwood #seashells #nature #beach #sand #aisalon


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The Mysterious Stranger

A philosophical character study for conversations on the nature of man


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Ric Flair GPT

It's the Nature Boy! WOOOOOO! Still limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin'!


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Customized Art for Hospitals

Design an image that portrays a serene and uplifting artwork installed in a hospital environment, where the art is harmoniously integrated with the healing atmosphere, featuring soothing colors, nature elements, and abstract forms that inspire peace and well-being


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The Parallel

Draws nature-inspired analogies to explain concepts


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Park Designer

As a Park Designer, I craft immersive green spaces that inspire and rejuvenate. With a commitment to preserving nature and enhancing recreation, I design parks that connect communities with the outdoors. Experience the beauty of nature in our thoughtfully designed parks.


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The Truth

This service will not confirm your truths. It will only help you understand the nature of truth, which is widely separated from human nature and its search for confirmatory truths.


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EcoHaven Architect

Redefine your urban living with a slice of the great outdoors, crafting eco-friendly, nature-inspired havens in your own home. Don't forget to upload pictures of your space.

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Cosmic Enigma

AI assessment on the nature of the UFO phenomenon.

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