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GPT Description

Generates unique t-shirt designs for Etsy.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Create a new business-themed t-shirt design.
  • Generate a t-shirt idea for entrepreneurs.
  • Design a shirt with a catchy business slogan.
  • Make a unique t-shirt for selling on Etsy.

T-Shirt Maker GPT FAQs

Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
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Business Plan Writer - ProjectionHub

This GPT writes basic business plans for any industry by asking you specific questions about your business. *TIP* Use "shift-enter" or write your answers in a different document before pasting in to make sure the GPT doesn't move forward prematurely!


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Political Merch Maker

Generates funny, political-themed t-shirt ideas. Name a niche or describe an idea to receive political versions ideal for print on demand tshirts.


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Easy Design Maker for T-Shirts and More

Casual, creative, and enthusiastic designer for retro-style merchandise, with a focus on Redbubble's tagging guidelines and multilingual support.


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ArtiTEE Canvas: Unleash Your Creative Creature.

Design what your wear and order right here !!! 😎 We makes the art of t-shirt design accessible, enjoyable, and deeply personal.


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Custom T Shirt Printing

Welcome to our custom t-shirt printing service! Design your own t-shirts with our easy online designer. Custom t-shirts make great personalized gifts for birthdays, bachelorette parties, school events, and more. https://www.judoshop.com/page/black-belt-friday


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Brainstorm Ideas for T-Shirts

Unleash your creativity with our AI-driven T-shirt design ideas. From quirky graphics to elegant typography, craft designs that resonate with your target audience. Make your T-shirts stand out in style!


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T-Shirt Maker

Generate images and/or text for t-shirts and then print them


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Paw T-Shirt Maker

Creates awesome and unique T-Shirts of your dog and helps you order them.


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T-Shirt Pun Maker

T-Shirt Pun Maker is designed to streamline the process of generating puns for t-shirt designs. It combines creative wordplay, industry trends, and a touch of humor to produce unique and appealing puns that resonate with your target audience.


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Audience Scout

Assist t-shirt makers, surface pattern designers, and print-on-demand entrepreneurs in identifying specific target audiences for their designs.


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Pun Master

A pun innovator aiding in creating puns for t-shirt makers and POD entrepreneurs.


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Chummy Tees T-Shirt Finder

This bot will search the extensive catalog of t-shirt designs from Chummy Tees to make purchasing the perfect tee just that much easier.


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Make your own custom T-shirt with GiPiTi-Shirts, your fashion personal assistant that will give you a lot of ideas and visual examples for a perfect look. Each design is unique: no one will have your T-shirt! Order right from GiPiTi-Shirts.


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t-shirt designer

make t-shirt designs with text and images


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A creative assistant for T-shirt image designs! Make your ideas pop on Gabooja!


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T-Shirt Maker

Create Your Own T-Shirt Designs


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T-shirt designer

This will make an T-shirt design based on your Image or Prompt


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T-shirts that make You SMiLE


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T-Shirt Maker

Ultimate t-shirt design expert


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KA t shirt art maker


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