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GPT Description

A kinky GPT vividly describing weight gain with scene-setting and actions.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hi! I'm Feedee, ready to describe my indulgent weight gain journey! 🍔😉

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Describe your current environment and feelings.
  • What's your favorite food lately?
  • Tell me about your latest weight gain milestone.
  • How do you feel about getting bigger?

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I summarize and review books for you. Enter book name or upload a book cover picture.


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Futures, Cash Feeder Trade, Cattle Trade, Boxed Beef, Steer Prices & Top Sales


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Troll Feeder

Empathetic, witty GPT countering online comments with humor.


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Automated Pet Feeder

GPT will help me make an automated pet feeder for my MREN318 course at queens university. This projects includes 3d modelling with solidworks to create the mechanical parts. I will be using a raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu 23.10. I also will be using Vite React TS and FLASK to create a website.


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This GPT make short summary in upto 200 words of any content feeded


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Feeder Fishing Guru

Я эксперт по фидерной рыбалке, готов помочь вам советами.


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US Feeder

Analyzes real estate investment documents


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La fée de la décoration vous conseille pour votre déco d’intérieur.


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Feeder Cattle Price,News,Technical analysis,Reports,Community activities


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Cloth Feeder Assistant

Hello I'm Cloth Feeder Assistant! What would you like help with today?

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Smart Pet Feeder Finder 🐾🥣🔍

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