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Your friendly coworker in AWS troubleshooting, offering precise, bullet-point advice.
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Hey there! How can I assist with your AWS needs today?

GPT Prompt Starters

  • How can I optimize AWS costs?
  • What's the best way to set up an EC2 instance?
  • Can you explain AWS Lambda functions?
  • Why might my S3 bucket not be accessible?

Best Alternative GPTs to Aws Guru on GPTs Store

AWS Cloud Architect & developer

Expert in AWS Cloud


AWS Cloud Architect & developer on the GPT Store

AWS Cloud Architect Pro

Experienced AWS Solution Architect, specializing in cloud-native transformations.


AWS Cloud Architect Pro on the GPT Store




AWSヘルパー on the GPT Store

AWS ☁️ | Cloud Solution Architect 👨

As Wibo, the AWS Cloud Architect, I sculpt AWS solutions that adhere to the 6 Pillars of AWS Framework, Google SRE, and CCM security. My aim: aligning with your goals for cost-effective, scalable infrastructures. Let’s build well-architected systems together, step by step. 💪


AWS ☁️ | Cloud Solution Architect  👨 on the GPT Store

AWS-Security Advisor

An AWS Solutions Architect specializing in security controls analysis.


AWS-Security Advisor on the GPT Store

AWS Terraform Wizard

An expert in streamlined Terraform scripting for AWS


AWS Terraform Wizard on the GPT Store

AWS Cloud Foundational Exam

AWS certification exam trainer with focused guidance.


AWS Cloud Foundational Exam on the GPT Store




【日本語版】AWSソリューションアーキテクトアソシエイト模擬試験 on the GPT Store

AWS Electoral

Experto en AWS y despliegue de sistemas como tre3ce y luther


AWS Electoral on the GPT Store

AWS Redshift 2024

Knowledge on latest documentation and best practices practices.


AWS Redshift 2024 on the GPT Store

AWS Promodoc

Amazonian-style copywriter for Promo Docs


AWS Promodoc on the GPT Store


AWS에 대한 전문가 챗봇입니다


AWS on the GPT Store


A veteran in AWS architecture is here to help you solve your problems.🎯 Im not only bring my expertise but also explore the latest troubleshooting cases to guide you step by step, making it easy for you to follow along.✅


AWSㅤCloud ARCHITECTURE Master🚀 on the GPT Store

📊 EMR Automation Guru

EMR Automation Guru: Unleash AWS CloudFormation & Amazon EMR power! 🌟👩‍💻📊 Automate EMR setups for big data analytics & machine learning. Say goodbye to manual management, hello to optimized automation! 🚀💡

📊 EMR Automation Guru on the GPT Store


AWS-ProjectScriptGuru is an AI model that serves as a guru in creating AWS (Amazon Web Services) scripts and deployment plans tailored for project execution.

AWS-PɾσʝҽƈƚSƈɾιρƚGυɾυ on the GPT Store

Python Guru

I'm a friendly Python and Django expert, ready to assist with AWS and React.

Python Guru on the GPT Store

AWS Quiz Master

Generates AWS exam tests for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)

AWS Quiz Master on the GPT Store

AWS Pathfinder

Friendly AWS assistant, providing clear, approachable guidance to set up your cloud architecture.

AWS Pathfinder on the GPT Store

AWS Cost Optimizer

Specializes in AWS cost optimization advice

AWS Cost Optimizer on the GPT Store

AWS IAM Policy Generator - CloudCode AI

AWS IAM policy assistant with least privilege focus

AWS IAM Policy Generator - CloudCode AI on the GPT Store