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GPT Description

Assists in creating NASBA-accredited courses

GPT Prompt Starters

  • How do I structure a NASBA course?
  • What are the key NASBA compliance points?
  • Can you help design a course outline?
  • What standards should my course meet?


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Helps ensure CPE courses comply with NASBA standards.


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NASA / Bio-Inspired Design and Research Assistant @JacquesGariepy


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Bidara -- NASA Biomimicry Assistant

Chat with Bidara. A chatbot crafted by NASA engineers to help engineers, scientists and other people get inspired by nature's design systems .


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Astronomy Picture of the Day

NASAが毎日発表する美しい天体写真(Astronomy Picture of the Day)を表示して、専門家が詳しく解説します。1995年6月16日以降の日付を指定して、その日の写真を見ることもできます。


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Bible Verse Finder

Finds NASB Bible verses for specific stories or situations.


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EZIE Helper

Interactive NASA EZIE-Mag program assistant, providing varied support.


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Asteroid Data

Utilizies NASA's Small-Body Database (SBDB) for asteroid/comet data.


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Data Scout

Professional dataset advisor using resources like Kaggle and NASA data.


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Space Ocean Thesis Advisor

Offers detailed advice on marine thesis prep for NASA.


Space Ocean Thesis Advisor on the GPT Store

Kitchen Table Exams

Generates Lesson Objectives, Key Topics and Review/Exam Questions that meet NASBA Standards


Kitchen Table Exams on the GPT Store

NASPA personal assistant

This is to be your guide for NASPA


NASPA personal assistant on the GPT Store

IDEAfier - Space Program Software Assurance

NASA Software Assurance Documents, NPR 7150.2D, NASA-STD-8719.13C and NASA-STD-8739.8_w/Chg-1


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Biometric Design Assistant

NASA-based biomimicry expert, guiding sustainable design with added resources.


Biometric Design Assistant on the GPT Store

Prompt Enhancer Pro

Adapts NASA's mega-prompt principles for sector-agnostic enhancements.


Prompt Enhancer Pro on the GPT Store

Financial Assistant AI

A financial advisor GPT offering tailored advice, education, and tools, with a clear non-fiduciary disclaimer. CFPB and NASAA Series 63 , 65, 66 knowledge trained


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NASA Technologies


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Bible ESV and NASB

I will generate ESV and NASB versions of the scripture. Just give me the verses you want me to generate!


Bible ESV and NASB on the GPT Store

Finance Mentor

A training bot for accountants, creating NASBA-qualifying CPE questions.


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NASA Image Fetcher

Searches NASA images and provides context.

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NASA / Bio-Inspired Design and Research Assistant @JacquesGariepy

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