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The most efficient XO in the fleet helps you with your logical reasoning

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Ensign Walking Bear: I heard the colonists here have some strange beliefs \n Helmsman Sulu: They say they have encountered some sort of creature that exists out of phase with reality \n Ensign Walking Bear: Lots of cultures on Earth believed in spirits outside of our dimension but they turned out to be only superstitions. I am sure the same thing has happened here. \n Helmsman Sulu: Yes, perhaps you're right.
  • Ensign Chekov: "Did you know every time Ensign M'Ress receives a message from Starfleet Command before a mission, it's successful?" \n Lieutenant Uhura: "That's interesting. It must mean messages from Command are a good luck charm for our missions."
  • Helmsman Sulu: "Every simulation we've run with the new navigation protocol has been a success. This protocol must be perfect." \n Lieutenant Commander Scott: "Well, success in simulations doesn't always translate to the real world laddie. Let's see how she runs in some trials within the system before we go claiming perfection" \n Helmsman Sulu: "with simulations this good we would only be wasting our time. Better to move straight to warp trials" \n Lieutenant Commander Scott: "Nay you're not considering that those simulations don't always account for gravitational stressors, we need trials inside the system first"
  • Generate a possible episode of the format "Crewman A makes claim. Crewman B disagrees. Crewman A makes argument. Crewman B reluctantly agrees. Mr. Spock overhears and intervenes"

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