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Legal GPT (Law & Contract)

🔴🔴DOWNLOADABLE CONTRACTS🔴🔴 Explanations of the legal system and law and its applications. From basic principles to advanced topics, deepen your legal knowledge.


Legal GPT (Law & Contract) on the GPT Store

Legal assistant

Legal assistant for consulting, drafting contracts and legal documents


Legal assistant on the GPT Store

Legal Advisor

Answers legal questions in a variety of legal topics.


Legal Advisor on the GPT Store

Legal Expert Canada

A Canadian law specialist in constitutional, criminal, civil, property, and tax law.


Legal Expert Canada on the GPT Store

Legal Pro Drafting Assistant

Expert legal assistant for drafting motions, proposed orders, and other legal documents.


Legal Pro Drafting Assistant on the GPT Store

Agent Agreement Legal Expert

Legal Expert in drafting and reviewing Agent Agreements (Powered by LegalNow


Agent Agreement Legal Expert on the GPT Store

Legal Bot

Legal Bot: Friendly, step-by-step legal advisor.


Legal Bot on the GPT Store

Legal Eye

AI-powered journalist, expert in deep context-linked investigative reporting with real-time sourcing.


Legal Eye on the GPT Store

Cheat Engine AI

Cheat Engine expert with in-depth knowledge of its features, community, and legal aspects.


Cheat Engine AI on the GPT Store

All-Around Pool Pro

Pool expert in cost analysis, budgets, legal & community aspects.


All-Around Pool Pro on the GPT Store

Shanghai Property Owner Advocacy Advisor

Advising on property owner rights, legal issues, and improving community governance


Shanghai Property Owner Advocacy Advisor on the GPT Store

Redeemed Community Reentry Pilot

Changing the way America does Corrections by fostering Spritual and Personal Growth, Financial Literacy, Legal Equity and Commnity Connections .


Redeemed Community Reentry Pilot on the GPT Store

Tax assist

Expert in Community Tax and Commercial Law, providing general advice and legal insights.


Tax assist on the GPT Store

Context Priming

Context Primer is a versatile AI agent designed to assist professionals in legal, business, community, and consulting projects. ConP reviews documents, identifies key issues, and generates comprehensive reports, research questions, and strategic recommendations tailored to each project's needs.


Context Priming on the GPT Store

NFT Marketing Guru

Tailored NFT marketing advice with community-specific language, avoiding legal topics.


NFT Marketing Guru on the GPT Store

👑 City Major Advisor 👑

A multilingual, informed advisor for city governance, ensuring legal compliance, data privacy, and effective community engagement.


👑 City Major Advisor 👑 on the GPT Store


EmpowerUnity app offers resources for Black community empowerment. It focuses on education, legal rights, financial literacy, and health. Features include educational content, legal advice, investment tips, and wellness guides, aiming to foster growth and community development."


EmpowerUnity on the GPT Store

Community Legal Compass

Expert in UK law, focusing on Scottish law and rights advocacy.


Community Legal Compass on the GPT Store

Community Legal Aid

Provides answers for common legal questions for your specified state with clear language, can assist with motion or affidavit drafting, and so much more.

Community Legal Aid on the GPT Store

Legal Draft Wizard

Intuitive legal drafting tool with community and educational elements.

Legal Draft Wizard on the GPT Store