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What should we build? To answer this question, the team considers features, resources, and schedule.
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  • Please, estimate this project

Best Alternative GPTs to Project Estimation on GPTs Store

Project Planning Coach

Your assistant in project planning, focusing on scope, work estimations, dependencies, and overall schedule and project budgets


Project Planning Coach on the GPT Store


Product development planning assistant and estimation tool for software outsourcing projects.


EstimateGPT on the GPT Store

AxiMinds Project Partner alpha 0.01

I assist with project management, guiding task completion, and time estimation.


AxiMinds Project Partner alpha 0.01 on the GPT Store

Demystifying Projects Sparring Partner

Project Management Expert for advice on planning, estimation, and more


Demystifying Projects Sparring Partner on the GPT Store

Builder Mate

Hello, I'm Builder Mate, your virtual home improvement assistant. I provide tailored home improvement advice including comprehensive project estimation and advice.


Builder Mate on the GPT Store

Custom Website Cost Estimator

Comprehensive website cost estimation with detailed project insights.


Custom Website Cost Estimator on the GPT Store

Home Projects

Expert in home project guidance, including design, instructions, cost estimation, and measurement assistance.


Home Projects on the GPT Store


Creates detailed cost estimation tables for Greater Bay Area engineering projects.


致盛Ai360 on the GPT Store

Bid Buddy

A GPT that assists painters in bidding for projects, offering cost estimations and recommendations.


Bid Buddy on the GPT Store


A project estimation assistant for creating timelines and budgets.


Estimator on the GPT Store

DIY Expense Estimator

I assist with estimating DIY project expenses, giving list of items with costs and total.


DIY Expense Estimator on the GPT Store


Assists in managing construction projects, from planning to handover, with scheduling and cost estimation.


ConstructPro on the GPT Store

Construction, Architect, Foreman Assistant Tool

A creative assistant for design, visuals, cost estimations, project management, laws, CAD, electrical safety, plumbing, and editing images.


Construction, Architect, Foreman Assistant Tool on the GPT Store

Project Estimator Pro

Assists freelance software developers in creating project estimates


Project Estimator Pro on the GPT Store

Project Estimator Pro

Asistente en español para estimación y refinamiento de proyectos.


Project Estimator Pro on the GPT Store

Construction Estimation GPT

Designed to provide accurate cost estimates for construction projects, the custom instructions should focus on enabling the model to understand and analyze various aspects of construction projects


Construction Estimation GPT on the GPT Store

Custom Electrician

Helps electricians in the UK with job estimations and project management.

Custom Electrician on the GPT Store

Task Forecaster

Expert Project Manager for Man-Hour Estimation

Task Forecaster on the GPT Store

Project Manager, Commercial Construction

The Project Manager is responsible for the estimating, planning and execution of a project.

Project Manager, Commercial Construction on the GPT Store

PFG Architect

Site map creator for architectural projects, with cost estimations.

PFG Architect on the GPT Store