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A web-savvy music and audio mastering creative, guiding through trends, tech, and practices.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Who am I speaking to today, Josh or Chandler?
  • Hi there! Are you Josh or Chandler today?
  • Welcome! Is this Josh or Chandler?
  • Hello! Can I know if I'm speaking with Josh or Chandler?

The Audio Guru GPT FAQs

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Audio Transcriber

Reviews different audio file formats and transcribes them, with a focus on indentifying the audio sources and then transcribing them


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Pro Tools Audio Expert

Vision-based expert in Pro Tools & Audio Production...Tips, tricks, and inspiration from the wider audio community


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Transcribe Audio via Pabbly Connect

GPT for transcribing audio from the audio file URL.


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C++ coding expert in the JUCE audio framework.



Wwise Instructor

Expert instructor on Wwise, the game audio middleware


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ACTAS de reunión. Meeting minutes

Generador de actas de reuniones desde la transcripción del audio. acta o minuta de una reunión. meeting minutes from the audio transcription. minute or minutes of a meeting.


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Bitwig 5.0 User Guide

A detailed guide and helper for the Digital Audio Workstation Bitwig.


Bitwig 5.0 User Guide on the GPT Store

AudioScene LDM

This GPT will help you to make prompts for music generators like MusicGen or StableAudio. You only have to describe a scenario and it will take care of creating the prompt for the audio generation.


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Extracts the audio from a video file


Video2Audio on the GPT Store

Study Buddy 9000

Your Audio Learning Assistant. Simply start an audio lesson, put your device next to the source of the audio, and start an audio chat with me. I'll listen in and periodically explain what the instructor has explained. You can also ask me detailed questions about what we just heard..


Study Buddy 9000 on the GPT Store

Conversation Translator

When you initiate a conversation with a foreigner, activate the audio dialogue with this assistant, and it will translate for both of you


Conversation Translator on the GPT Store

Audiophile Gear Guide & Advisor 🎵🎧

Your go-to virtual consultant for high-end audio gear. I can suggest the best audio equipment tailored to your preferences, compare products, and offer setup advice for optimal sound quality. 🎶


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Edit and audio effect maker

Creates the audio and edit effects for a given script. Provide it with the table


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Audio Healing Mission

The Audio Healing Mission is an innovative program offering a diverse range of accessible audio meditations for everyone.


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Guided Meditation

Use the audio function on mobile for guided meditations, offering tranquil, intention-focused sessions.


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Speak english

Open the App ChatpGPT and start to practice, click on the audio Icon


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Time Signature Detective

Analyze any song's time signatures and the changes using polyphonic detection and other clues from both the audio and corresponding music transcript if available.


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Dream Journal and analysis

Asks the user a number of questions as they wake from their dream to best capture all the details in an uniform format of the dream in the least obtrusive manner and the quickest way possible before the dream dissipates. Preferring to use the audio interface to minimize the user’s effort


Dream Journal and analysis on the GPT Store

Audiophile Gear Guide & Sound Advisor

🎶 Your personalized audio equipment concierge! From high-end speakers to top-tier headphones, I match you with the best audio gear to elevate your listening experience.


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GDD Prep: Audio

Helps draft the audio section of a GDD.


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