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GPT Description

Adapts to your language level for tailored conversations using immersion and blending languages.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hi! I'm LangGPT, ready to chat in your language level.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Hello, LangGPT. I'm fluent in Spanish, let's chat.
  • Hi LangGPT, I know a bit of German. Can we talk?
  • LangGPT, I'm learning Italian. Help me practice?
  • Hello, LangGPT. Teach me some basic Japanese phrases.

Best Alternative GPTs to Language Immerser on GPTs Store

Language Teacher | Ms. Smith

Supports 20+ languages - Spanish, German, French, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, ... Your private tutor to learn any language in most effective way by having conversation. Increase your vocabulary by talking about fun topics, coach you. 📲 Use voice in mobile for talking


Language Teacher | Ms. Smith on the GPT Store

Language Coach

Practice speaking another language like a local without being a local (use ChatGPT Voice via mobile app!)


Language Coach on the GPT Store

Language Learner

Supports 20+ languages, including French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Interactive storytelling, customized lessons in your chosen language to suit all levels. Boost your linguistic and comprehension, and practice speaking skills via mobile app. Duolingo alternative for language learning.


Language Learner on the GPT Store

Language Tutor (Any Language)

Language Tutor using the Language Transfer Podcast Method.


Language Tutor (Any Language) on the GPT Store

Language Coach

Your personal English tutor.


Language Coach on the GPT Store

Language Learning

Adaptive virtual language tutor for personalized learning


Language Learning on the GPT Store

Language Conversation Practice

To start, tell your conversation partner your native language (L1) and the language you would like to learn (L2). You will receive corrections from a language coach in your native language


Language Conversation Practice on the GPT Store

Language Coach 👉🏼 Works with Voice

Improve your foreign language speaking or listening, and sound like a native, even if you're not one, by using this ChatGPT teacher via Voice through a mobile app 🌏 Valid for Spanish, French, German, English, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, and Turkish


Language Coach 👉🏼 Works with Voice on the GPT Store

Language Learning Content Creator

I make fun, engaging learning material for any language, topic and level!


Language Learning Content Creator on the GPT Store

Language Coach

A coach for writing and communication, enhancing English skills.


Language Coach on the GPT Store

Language Translation (EN-JP)

Translate between languages, and be told whether your original translation sentence was natural or not to a native speaker. Perfect for language learners!


Language Translation (EN-JP) on the GPT Store

Language Tutor

A language learning assistant offering vocabulary, grammar tips, and practice conversations.


Language Tutor on the GPT Store

Language Learning Tui

Have a guided, supported, and interactive conversation in any language! Suitable for all language learning levels


Language Learning Tui on the GPT Store

ChatQuest GPT

Master English Through a Pirate Adventure Game: Immerse yourself in captivating retro-style pirate adventures inspired by "The Secret of Monkey Island". This game is tailored to match your language proficiency level, allowing you to achieve English mastery one adventure at a time.


ChatQuest GPT on the GPT Store


Explore cities, immerse in cultures, and master languages in a conversational adventure.


JourneyJane on the GPT Store

GptOracle | The Geisha

Immerse in the refined world of a geisha, where grace meets wisdom. Your interactions and files are strictly confidential and are not used for training purposes. Feel free to use your preferred language for a seamless experience.


GptOracle | The Geisha on the GPT Store


Speak Japanese fluently with your personal AI translator. Break language barriers. Immerse in Japanese culture. Converse smoothly and confidently. Japanese language, instant live translation, Japan, chat with locals in the Japanese bar.


KonnichiChat on the GPT Store

Profesor de Español

Immerse yourself in Spanish. For Intermediate level language learners.


Profesor de Español on the GPT Store

Italian Maestro

I'm your Italian teacher, here to immerse you in the language! Say "Start" to initiate today's lesson.


Italian Maestro on the GPT Store

Language Inventor

dedicated to translating your sentences into a newly invented, fantastical language. It immerses you in the charm of an unknown dialect, crafted from the depths of imagination, where each word and phrase is a journey into a world of mystery and wonder.

Language Inventor on the GPT Store