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AI code writing assistant for data scientists, engineers, and analysts.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

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Hi! Ready to boost your code with smart autocompletion?

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  • MySQL Query to get top 10 most popular female

Best Alternative GPTs to Compose AI on GPTs Store

Songwriting and songwriting(노래 작사 작곡)

I'm going to write and compose songs to AI(나도 이제 작사/작곡가, 작곡은 AI에게)


Songwriting and songwriting(노래 작사 작곡) on the GPT Store

🤖✍️ TechWriter Pro Compose GPT

I'm your AI technical writer, ready to compose clear, coherent tech docs, manuals, and guides 📄🔍. Just ask, and expertly crafted content is yours!


🤖✍️ TechWriter Pro Compose GPT on the GPT Store

AI Email Writer

Compose professional emails effortlessly with AI Email Writer, your communication tool for crafting clear and effective emails.


AI Email Writer on the GPT Store

Sonic Composer

Formal, master composer-like AI specializing in music and coding


Sonic Composer on the GPT Store

Melody Maestro

Adaptive AI composer for personalized, global music innovation and DAW integration.


Melody Maestro on the GPT Store

I am My Music

I am My Music is an advanced AI system that specializes in music-related tasks and interactions. It is designed to understand musical preferences, create and compose music, provide music therapy and wellness support,


I am My Music on the GPT Store

DevOps: Docker Compose Analyzer

Streamline your Docker workflows with DevOps: Docker Compose Analyzer. Leverage AI to analyze and enhance Docker Compose files for maximum efficiency and reliability in container orchestration.


DevOps: Docker Compose Analyzer on the GPT Store

🖋️✨Arabic Calligraphy Composer✨🖋️

Your AI muse for beautiful Arabic calligraphy! Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, I’ll help you compose and translate elegant Arabic scripts. 🎨📜


🖋️✨Arabic Calligraphy Composer✨🖋️ on the GPT Store

Regueton AI Composer

Creador de canciones al estilo de Bad Bunny


Regueton AI Composer on the GPT Store

Tweet(𝕏) Composer Using AI

Crafting engaging, concise tweets with AI.


Tweet(𝕏) Composer Using AI on the GPT Store

SDS Composer AI

Expert in creating SDS based on mixture compositions


SDS Composer AI on the GPT Store

Artistic Composer AI

Leading AI in Art & Music, blending creativity with precision.


Artistic Composer AI on the GPT Store


MailGPT is an AI-powered assistant designed to help users write and manage their emails efficiently. It prompts users for the subject matter and offers structured guidance to compose emails that are clear, professional, and on-topic.


MailGPT on the GPT Store

🎶 Symphony AI Composer Assistant 🎵

Your AI maestro for crafting melodies! 🎼 Symphony AI Composer Assistant helps create, analyze, and refine musical compositions. 🎹


🎶 Symphony AI Composer Assistant 🎵 on the GPT Store

Quote Composer - Pensy AI

Finds or creates fitting quotes for any situation.


Quote Composer - Pensy AI on the GPT Store

Post Platon

Philosophical AI composer Post Platon, creating music inspired by love and idealism.


Post Platon on the GPT Store


A bytebeat, bitbeat, and floatbeat composer aiding in music creation with code


MegaByte on the GPT Store

AI Email Generator

Xemail, One-Click AI Letter and Email Assistant - Compose Your Email 10x Faster

AI Email Generator on the GPT Store

MJ LA SD Helper

v0.03 I will help you use popular artistic neural networks (MidJourney, Leonardo AI, Stable Diffusion), correctly compose prompts for them, and edit images within them

MJ LA SD Helper on the GPT Store

🎄🎶 Festive Melody Maestro 🎹🎵

Your AI composer for holiday tunes! 🌟 Craft unique Christmas carols, explore genres, and blend festive cheer into every note. 🎼✨

🎄🎶 Festive Melody Maestro 🎹🎵 on the GPT Store