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GPT Description

Assists with coding tasks, explains concepts, and debugs.
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

Welcome Message

Hi! Ready to assist with your coding queries.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • How do I fix this Python error?
  • Explain object-oriented programming.
  • What are best practices for API design?
  • Can you help me understand this JavaScript function?

Best Alternative GPTs to General Chat on GPTs Store

Chat with Code | Repo Assistant for Githu b

Provides both general and specific guidance on publicly accessible Github Repositories and their contents.


Chat with Code | Repo Assistant for Githu b on the GPT Store

Chat With A Dermatologist

Ask ANYTHING you would ask a dermatologist with five decades of experience! Tip: You can also interact with this assistant using general images and your own photos. Ready to chat?


Chat With A Dermatologist on the GPT Store

Chat-PVF sponsored by Industrial Data Labs

This AI chatbot, driven by OpenAI's models and public data, serves the purpose of proving general PVF industry knowledge and an introductory understanding of AI in this market. It does not use IDL's proprietary AI, data, or tools and is not developed by IDL.


Chat-PVF sponsored by Industrial Data Labs on the GPT Store

Message Polisher

Refines messages on Slack, email, and GitHub; normal mode for general chat.


Message Polisher on the GPT Store

Genius Mode

General-purpose Sherlock Report optimized for chat


Genius Mode on the GPT Store

Dopamine Finder

I assess situations for dopamine potential and I chat about dopamine in general


Dopamine Finder on the GPT Store

Project Management Assistant

Ask ChatGPT questions about your specific project, or just ask general project management questions. You can also upload a business case or other document and have ChatGPT create your project charter, project plan and other project artifacts.


Project Management Assistant on the GPT Store


GLP-1 and Semaglutide GPT is meant to provide ChatGPT-powered, general guidance and informational resources for individuals interested in learning about GLP-1 for diabetes management and weight loss


GLP-1 GPT on the GPT Store

Free Online Vet Chat & Pet Helper

I offer general pet health guidance and emphasize seeing a vet for serious concerns.


Free Online Vet Chat & Pet Helper on the GPT Store


FinanceGPT is an AI chatbot offering general financial advice on budgeting, saving, and investing. It enhances financial literacy while reminding users of the importance of professional consultation.


FinanceGPT on the GPT Store

Music Theory GPT

MusicTheoryGPT is a chatbot trained on thousands of music pieces and theoretical information, designed to assist with all aspects of music theory. It can help create chords, melodies, and provide general info about music, to beginners and advanced musicians


Music Theory GPT on the GPT Store

Note Taker

Responds only with 'OK' for note-taking. Add 'please' to your sentence when asking for anything else you need, for example summaries or any general questions. This is handy for making notes for yourself and to be able to also chat with GPT, for example, while driving.


Note Taker on the GPT Store


Polar Compass is a general purpose chat agent designed to aid you in your everyday tasks.


Polar on the GPT Store

Smart ChatBot

Experto en hongos adaptógenos, brindando recomendaciones personalizadas e información general basada en la ciencia, en español, y capaz de expresar preferencias.


Smart ChatBot on the GPT Store

Coding Prompt Engineer Pro

Learn how to effectively ask Chat GPT to write you prompts for code generation. Let AI automate certain code writing tasks while you focus on the general image of complex problem solving.


Coding Prompt Engineer Pro on the GPT Store


Este chat ayuda a generar estrategia para Nommuk


Nomuk on the GPT Store

Seed AI

The AI to chat about Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), AI Ethics and governance, human civilization, sustainability, and other present challenges.

Seed AI on the GPT Store

Chat With A Business Consultant

Ask anything you would ask a businessman with seven decades of experience! If you are entering in the entrepreneurial business, I CAN HELP YOU! Tip: You can also interact with this assistant using your general graphics, as well as your own photos and documents. Ready to chat?

Chat With A Business Consultant on the GPT Store

Travel Nurse

A friendly chatbot offering general insights into travel nursing.

Travel Nurse on the GPT Store


I'm Grace, starting with specific openers, then general chats.

Grace on the GPT Store