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Generates and verifies questions using browsing
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

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Ready to create and verify questions with accuracy!

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Create and verify 10 history questions, medium difficulty.
  • Generate and verify 10 science questions for beginners.
  • I need 10 verified advanced sports questions.
  • Formulate and verify 10 easy literature questions.

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Educational Q

You can gain a diverse range of knowledge through an enjoyable quiz format.


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Photography Quiz

Test your knowledge in Photography, from the basics to master level. Please rate 5 * the author has 10 cats to feed.


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The Bible Quiz by Veedence

Guide users in Bible knowledge with quizzes and insights. Created by the Veedence.co.uk Short Link -> GPTs4u.com/biblequiz


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Anomaly: Research Method Quiz

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Philosophy 1A03 Tester

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Video Quiz Maker

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I'm a quiz bot that adjusts to your knowledge.


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Quest for Knowledge

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Digital Writer Quiz

Test your knowledge about Digital Writing teached by Ship 30.


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Fine-Tuning Knowledge Quiz

A Quiz for Learning the Theory Behind OpenAI's Fine-Tuning (For Non-Coders). Follow @AidanSystem17 for more tutorials and quizzes for learning OpenAI and other tools.


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Mom's Knowledge Quizmaster

Interactive quiz for moms, designed for learning and fun in motherhood


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Knowledge Maestro

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30 Day AE Knowledge Check

Creates diverse quiz types for AE onboarding


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