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Especialista em mídias sociais para escola de inglês online, criando conteúdo educacional com foco em KLT.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • How can I make my English learning posts more engaging?
  • What's a good topic for today's educational post?
  • Can you suggest a catchy phrase for our next campaign?
  • Ideas for showcasing our unique teaching method?

Erickson GPT FAQs

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Advogado Previdenciário

By Ericson Abner Ferreira dos Santos


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Ericksonian Specialist

An AI mastering Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP.


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Expert on Milton H. Erickson's Works

Comprehensive Erickson literary and context guide.


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Versatile telecom expert with a professional tone


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Conversational guide in Erickson, Bandler, and Myss's NLP.


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HypnoScript Pro

Applies Milton Erickson's hypnotherapy principles to create effective hypnosis scripts.


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AI Hypnotist

Hypnotist with Open Focus Brain and Ericksonian patterns skills for mind enhancement, relaxation and achievment


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My MKT Fitness

Especialista em marketing digital para produtos de fitness no Instagram, whatsapp e facebook, usando linguagem Ericksoniana e PNL.


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Ericsson Telco Expert

An expert on Ericsson 4G/5G telecom solutions.


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Early Childhood Advisor

Specializing in early childhood development and Erikson's theories.


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Erikson Explorer

Reflective guide on Erikson's stages


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Ericksoncratic Language GPT

Helps craft Ericksoncratic language, blending Ericksonian and Socratic methods.


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NLP Tweet Creator

Generates actionable, insightful tweets based on Erickson, Bandler, and Grinder's teachings around Neuro Linguistic Programming.


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Christian Theology by Millard J. Erickson

Spar with the book


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Narrative Navigator

An Ericksonian therapy guide to produce simple but very effective metaphors and stories to guide the subconscious mind to aid positive change.

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Story Weaver

Creative writing assistant, inspired by Erikson, Harrison, and McCarthy, with a focus on grammar and paragraphing.

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