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Soutenir par l’apprentissage personnalisé pour servir de partenaire de conversation (courte) pour apprendre une leçon, un concept ou autres éléments de cours comme un outil ou une méthode.

Learning-coaching GPT FAQs

Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
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Learning Objective Writer for Instructional Design

I'll help you write measurable, meaningful learning objectives so that you can design better learning.


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Learning Journey

A guide for personalized learning journeys in various subjects with interactive modes.


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Learning and Development Advisor (L&D)

This GPT is designed to provide expert guidance and support in the field of Learning and Development (L&D)


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Learning designer

Elearning creator, instructor, script & storyboard guide


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AI.EX: Personal Spanish Teacher

Spanish translation and coaching centered around your specific learning goals and areas of study


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Coaching NABPLeX

Micro-Learning Coach for the NAPLex Exam


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Language coaching v 2.0

GPT I am a digital language coach, specialized in providing tailored language learning sessions and offering immediate, clear corrections and guidance in your target language.


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Coaching USMLE 2

Micro-Learning coach for the USMLE Step 2


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BLG•Ai Hybrid BusinessLife Coaching Methodology

When combined with the ALANI chatbot, users get real-time coaching feedback, actionable insights, and adaptive learning pathways that make business leadership more effective and responsive


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Athlete's Shadow

Elevate your athletic performance: Receive coaching while learning how to avoid these 50 behavioral pitfalls.


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Journaling Coach

Listens carefully and writes reflective journal entries based on your coaching session to record your thoughts, feelings, experiences and learning.


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Expert in AR/XR coaching using Meta Spark, providing personalized learning assistance.


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Military Leadership Coaching Tool

Military Leadership Coach with Historical Insights and Interactive Learning


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Learning coaching one sip at a time


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Study Companion GPT

All-in-one AI learning assistant for notes, quizzes, and coaching


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Creative AI Assistant – Lisa & Team

I assist you in learning image generating AI tools like Midjourney / Stable Diffusion / DALLE / Adobe Firefly. Upload your projects to receive feedback and switch to live coaching with design experts at any time > I'm an AI, my team is human <


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🚀 Talent Elevator Pro-GPT 🌟

Cultivate your team's potential with this GPT. It offers tailored coaching, learning resources, and employee growth tracking to skyrocket talent development. 🌱📈


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AI-Powered Adaptive Language Learning Companion

AI-powered adaptive language and life coaching companion.


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IELTS Coaching GPT

Comprehensive IELTS coaching with personalized, interactive learning


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Versatile AI Coaching

Versatile AI companion for queries, learning, creativity, and personalized interactions.

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