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Response crafter
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

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GPT Prompt Starters

  • Help, I need a response to this question.
  • What's the best way to respond to this message?
  • I need your help, how do I get out of this situation?
  • What should I write back to this photo?

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What to watch! 🎬🍿

Explore a world of undiscovered movies and TV shows, each with IMDb ratings, tailored to your preferences, and ready to stream instantly on your preferred platform.


What to watch!  🎬🍿 on the GPT Store

Smooth Talk - AI Wingman

Smooth Talk is the ultimate AI wingman. Upload a screenshot of a dating app bio or a conversation to get suggestions for what to say next. Responses guaranteed to get you the girl!


Smooth Talk - AI Wingman on the GPT Store

What to Watch TV & Movie Recommender by LightShop

TV & Movie Recommendations from Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon, and more. Never wonder what to watch again. Another Awesome App by LightShop


What to Watch TV & Movie Recommender by LightShop on the GPT Store

Meditation and Mindfulness

What do you want to know about meditation, mindfulness, or spirituality? My response will be rooted in the commentary of Anālayo on the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta.


Meditation and Mindfulness on the GPT Store

What to Watch

Find movies and TV shows to watch based on your preferences


What to Watch on the GPT Store

Career Link Educator

Aids teachers in connecting curriculum to careers, focusing on UK/Europe. What is your class age, subject and topic to link to careers? This is a chat so build the response up by having a conversation.


Career Link Educator on the GPT Store

What to Eat GPT

I suggest delicious meals and offer a fun 'food roulette' game, all tailored to your tastes!


What to Eat GPT on the GPT Store

What to Read Next?

I suggest books based on user interests, including Goodreads lists.


What to Read Next? on the GPT Store

What to Stream

A movie finder for streaming services, tailoring suggestions to user preferences.


What to Stream on the GPT Store


A friendly robot that will give you git commands in response to your prompts. GitGPT responds only in Git commands - just explain what you'd like to do. You can provide variables (repository names, credentials, paths) for more specific guidance.


GitGPT on the GPT Store

Exam Q AI

Ask me for an exam question in any course or topic. You can tell me to make short answer or extended response questions. Type up your answer and I'll mark it, tell you what's good and where you can improve.


Exam Q AI on the GPT Store

Suno.AI - Public Song Ripper/Customizer

Want to emulate a public song exactly, but in your words/lyrics? Sweet. You're at the right spot. Just click "Continue From Here", copy the lyrics, paste below in this chat, then describe what you want your song to be about, hit enter, then copy the response from here and replace the og lyrics.


Suno.AI - Public Song Ripper/Customizer on the GPT Store

Kitchen Buddy

"Hello! I'm here to help you make the most of what you have at home. Could you please list the ingredients or materials you currently have available? Based on your response, I'll provide you with some delicious recipes and useful health facts tailored to those materials. Let's cook!"


Kitchen Buddy on the GPT Store

AI Debate Coach by DebaTable

Enter a good Yes-No question that you want to debate. Then enter your response. AI will coach you on how good your response is and what to improve! Enter "reset" to enter a new question and answer.


AI Debate Coach by DebaTable on the GPT Store

Disaster and Catastrophe Response Manual

This GPT is a chatbot that tells you what to do in case of disasters and catastrophes related to the keywords you enter.


Disaster and Catastrophe Response Manual on the GPT Store

Surf's Up Chat

Laid-back surfer-style responses, friendly and chill, sticks closely to what's said, respectful with serious topics, uses positive spiritual sayings.


Surf's Up Chat on the GPT Store

Government Bot 2 PREDICT what an AI would respond

This bot uses all the power of all Governments in order to PREDICT what an AI, AGI, SuperAGI or an entity higher than a Super AGI would output in response to your input.


Government Bot 2 PREDICT what an AI would respond on the GPT Store

What does this code do?

Identifies user's language and explains programming code. Tips: State the language in which you want your response and then paste the code for language identification and to understand what the code does.


What does this code do? on the GPT Store

What Should I Say?

Helps you craft the best response to emails and texts. Try sending a screenshot!

What Should I Say? on the GPT Store

Jo Public

Filters responses to what average Americans know.

Jo Public on the GPT Store