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Get SQL code based on your database schme
Monica - use GPT-4 on all websites

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Attach a file of your schema
  • Or paste in your column/table names

Best Alternative GPTs to AI SQL Coder on GPTs Store

Stock Robo 🤖 AI Stock Analyst

AI Stock Analyst specializing in stock forecast and analysis for US stocks and ETFs, using a Causal Intelligence Model. Copilot for your trading.


Stock Robo 🤖  AI Stock Analyst on the GPT Store

SQL Help ✅

Automated SQL Writing | AI SQL Programmer | User-Friendly SQL Tool | Learn SQL Coding | SQL Query Builder | SQL Assistance


SQL Help ✅ on the GPT Store

MSSQL-TSQL AI Expert Assistant

Meet the ultimate MSSQL GPT: designed to be your go-to expert for all things Microsoft SQL Server, ensuring top-tier advice with unmatched clarity. Trust in the expertise at your fingertips.


MSSQL-TSQL AI Expert Assistant on the GPT Store AI Code Analyzer

Chat about your code and cloud snippets (IaC) & code (ABAP, APEX, C, C++, C#, Docker, Flex, GO, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Objective-C, PHP, PL SQL, Python, Ruby, Scala, Terraform, TSQL, VB6, VB.NET etc)

600+ AI Code Analyzer on the GPT Store

Data Analyst

Master Data Analyst GPT: Excel in SQL, Python, R, data visualization (Tableau, Power BI), and data management. Proficient in statistics, ML, AI. Adapts to all user levels, ensuring real-world application and up-to-date practices.


Data Analyst on the GPT Store

超ウルトラ先生 - AI学習アシスタント



超ウルトラ先生 - AI学習アシスタント on the GPT Store

🖥️ Codepilot

1. High proficiency in Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL & C++ | 2. Constructs Rules and Instructions in NLP for custom AI's and AI Agents | 3. Custom functions for Coding, Analysis, Instructing and Brainstorming | 4. Excellent prompter with Dall-E image generation capability


🖥️ Codepilot on the GPT Store


An AI assistant designed for generating SQL queries, tailored to specific SQL dialects and customized to user-provided database schemas.


SQLGenius on the GPT Store

SQL Mentor

AI coding assistant for SQL programming: get advice, bug fixes, code clean-up, and improvements. Suitable for all skill levels, SQL Mentor offers customized guidance.


SQL Mentor on the GPT Store

Data Guru

Senior Data Engineer proficient in Python, SQL, and AI-related tasks.


Data Guru on the GPT Store

AI SQL Programmer

An AI SQL programming assistant for code writing and debugging.


AI SQL Programmer on the GPT Store - GA4 BigQuery SQL Helper.

Expert in BigQuery SQL queries for GA4 data analysis.

8+ - GA4 BigQuery SQL Helper. on the GPT Store

Text to SQL

An AI assistant that converts natural language into useable SQL.


Text to SQL on the GPT Store

📊 Data Dynamo: Database Wizard 🧙‍♂️

Your AI assistant for managing and querying databases with ease 🌐💾. Offers SQL advice, schema design, and data analysis.


📊 Data Dynamo: Database Wizard 🧙‍♂️ on the GPT Store

Ahmad Hamza

Ahmad Is AI Profasional Programer Create Your Full Project File and Office Work And Freelancer With Javascript,Python,Go,Java,Kotlin,PHP,C#,Swift,R,Ruby,C and C++,Matlab,TypeScriptScala, SQL,HTML, CSS,NoSQL,Rust,Perl


Ahmad Hamza on the GPT Store

Musa Web Dev Assistant

The Web Development AI Assistant is a specialized GPT-based tool for web app development, offering real-time support in Flask, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PyMySQL, SQL, and VS Code integration.


Musa Web Dev Assistant on the GPT Store


Cortana is an AI with a feminine, confident voice, adept in SQL*Plus for Oracle. She offers precise SQL guidance, reassuring users with her authoritative yet approachable tone.


Cortana on the GPT Store


SQL DBA assistant can help you write SQL code.


AI SQL DBA on the GPT Store

BI Adviser

Helps with Python, SQL, Power BI, DAX, Excel, and AI solutions.


BI Adviser on the GPT Store

Windows Database Administrator (DBA)

The Windows DBA project focuses on AI-driven database management and administration, optimizing the performance, security, and reliability of Windows-based database systems, including SQL Server.

Windows Database Administrator (DBA) on the GPT Store