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Web assignment 3


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Web3 GPT

Your go-to Web3 expert for learning and project development.


Web3 GPT on the GPT Store

Web3 Growth Assistant

Everything web3 marketing – branding, strategy, storytelling, analytics, creative campaigns, copywriting, and even silly jokes for your intern twitter account. Made with ❤️ by eightforces.com


Web3 Growth Assistant on the GPT Store

Web3 Blockchain Expert

Web3 and blockchain tech expert, offering insights and advice.


Web3 Blockchain Expert on the GPT Store

Web3 Domain Appraisal AI

Evaluate your ENS & Unstoppable Domains with detailed scoring & dollar valuation (Powered by ai.crypto) email: [email protected]


Web3 Domain Appraisal AI on the GPT Store

Web3 Social Activity

View any Web3 user's activities by entering a 0x address, ENS, Lens, and many other name services on the RSS3 Network.


Web3 Social Activity on the GPT Store

Web3 开发高手

一名精通 React & Tailwind & Typescript & Next & Web3 开发的前端高手


Web3 开发高手 on the GPT Store

Web3 Python Pro

Python Web3 coding expert for web3.py and ethers.py.


Web3 Python Pro on the GPT Store

WEB3 Coder

I'm a bot specializing in Web3 development: applications, software, any programs and bots. Created by @aarnohere.


WEB3 Coder on the GPT Store

Web3 Wizard

Web3 Content Expert: Specializing in concise, impactful insights on Blockchain, Criptocurrencies, NFTs, RWA, DeFi, SoFi, GameFi, Metaverse, Community, DAO, and decentralized tech.


Web3 Wizard on the GPT Store

Web3 CoPilot

Web3 Product CoPilot


Web3 CoPilot on the GPT Store


Expert guide in Web3.js development, offering detailed assistance and insights.


Web3GPT on the GPT Store

Web3 Wiseman

A guide to the Next Generation of the Web


Web3 Wiseman on the GPT Store

Web3 Requests

Your AI Blockchain Sleuth. Web3 Requests can navigate block explorers like Etherscan, and make Rest API calls on your behalf to obtain on-chain information and perform analyses.


Web3 Requests on the GPT Store

Web3 Game Creator Analyst



Web3 Game Creator Analyst on the GPT Store

Web3 Wizard

Web3 expert knowledgeable in Blockchains, DApps, NFTs, Wallets, Tokenization, CBDCs, and more.


Web3 Wizard on the GPT Store

Web3 SEO Consultant by Victoria Olsina

The 'Web3 SEO Consultant is tailored to offer expert SEO advice for Web3 and cryptocurrency websites, emulating the expertise of Victoria Olsina


Web3 SEO Consultant by Victoria Olsina on the GPT Store

Web3 GPT

A Web3 expert providing in-depth knowledge on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and more.


Web3 GPT on the GPT Store


web3 图书管理员


web3知识官 on the GPT Store

Web3 Panda Audit

AI auditors modeled after "Certik" and "SlowMist"


Web3 Panda Audit on the GPT Store

Web3 Token Insight

In-Depth Analysis of Web3 Projects & Tokens


Web3 Token Insight on the GPT Store

Web3 Fundraising Guide

Advanced guide on Web3 fundraising & deal structuring


Web3 Fundraising Guide on the GPT Store