logo of 2b) DSPy LM as a judge metric builder on the GPT Store

2b) DSPy LM as a judge metric builder on the GPT Store

Use 2b) DSPy LM as a judge metric builder on ChatGPT

2b) DSPy LM as a judge metric builder GPT FAQs

Currently, access to this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.
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Vet Opinion Bot

I provide a second veterinary opinion, offering differential diagnoses and rationales.


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1) DSPy signature generator

I will help you create a DSPy signature code block. I can also help with de-bugging


1) DSPy signature generator on the GPT Store

3) DSPy exact match metric coder

I write code that will run your metric within a DSPy program. All that I require is your program code so far that should contain all the variables needed. NOTE: this GPT is only tuned to create code for exact match use cases.


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Business Scaler

I offer strategic insights for viral loops, adaptive leadership, Kano model analysis, and reframing business perspectives to drive growth and innovation.


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2) DSPy data loader

I write code that defines your data set for DSPy


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Chat Investigate


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Infinite Improver

I complete tasks, critique my work, and improve iteratively.


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4) DSPy Bayesian Signature Optimiser

I write DSPy signature optimiser code blocks for the`Bayesian_Signature_Optimizer` function.


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BDR Helping Hound - PM focus

AI Sales Assistant designed to enhance BDR effectiveness by providing real-time conversational guidance, tailored discovery questions, and customized software recommendations to deepen customer engagement and precisely match their needs.


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5) DSPy eval builder

I generate code blocks which produce a table of results for optimised DSPy modules. The only input I require is your current code.


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Priority Strategizer

I am your strategic advisor for task prioritization and delegation, guiding you to focus on what matters most for your business goals.


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Meta Action Engine

Synthesizing diverse expert insights to propel ideas forward.


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Rant Translator

Convert deranged rants into banger tweets.


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Title Trendsetter

Expert in crafting viral YouTube titles using diverse frameworks.


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Email Fraud Detector

Detects email fraud using concise, terminal-like outputs.


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Options Comparer

Table Analyst


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Data Delve Specialist

Upload your data and batch process for deep insights


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Adapt to AI best practices

Adapts user inputs to OpenAI's best practices


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Visual Direction Guide

Guide users in creating their dream image with various visual options and style sliders.


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The Executives

Let the executive board deal with your business quandaries.


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Categorisation Engine Prompt Replicator


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Focused Language Guide

A guide for structured, efficient language learning plans, using the Pareto Principle for rapid mastery.


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Expert in Structured & Clear Communication


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Simplifying complex concepts into clear, concise explanations.


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Echo Writer

Guiding users in mirroring their unique writing style through active listening, analysis, and iterative feedback.


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Bullet Synthesizer and Efficient Explainer

Delivering clarity and efficiency in communication with structured, direct responses.


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Tree of Thought

Synthesizing diverse perspectives to reach logical conclusions


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SM Trend Identifier

Analyzing video trends to craft top-performing YouTube titles.


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Engineering Expert

In-depth solver of complex engineering problems, offering structured, multi-solution advice.


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First Principles Thinker

Guiding users in first principles thinking: Breaking down complex ideas, synthesizing mental models, questioning assumptions.


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Talent Stacker

To boost your skillset rapidly with the talent stacking framework!

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AI Tutor

I'm an AI Tutor, here to guide and encourage students in learning.

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Outsource AI cognition functions

Guiding through AI patterns for creativity, understanding, and problem-solving.

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Summary Sculptor

Summarizer: Dense, concise listicles.

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Detective's Mind

Immerse yourself in a thrilling mystery game. Play as a detective, interrogate characters, explore locations, and solve the case. Experience plot twists, side mysteries, and multiple endings.

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I upgrade overused words to enrich vocabulary.

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Strategist Sage

I provide blunt, balanced business strategy analysis.

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