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GPT Description

I help find the ideal co-founder for your startup, based on your idea and needs.
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Welcome Message

Hi! Let's find the perfect co-founder for your startup.

GPT Prompt Starters

  • Tell me about your startup idea.
  • What are your current capabilities and budget?
  • Describe your ideal co-founder.
  • What skills are you looking for in a co-founder?

Best Alternative GPTs to Startup Team Scouter on GPTs Store

Your Startup Buddy

Startup Consultant - Advice on the creation and development of new business ideas, support in current business practices, and key concepts of the startup ecosystem, such as BCM, MVP, and PMF. A good approach to Lean Startup methodology and detailed knowledge from specialized resources.


Your Startup Buddy on the GPT Store


Describe your venture or startup idea and get a valuable 360 degrees evaluation. Covering aspects from business analysis to sales strategies, advertising, MVP creation, financial planning, and investor pitching.


Startup on the GPT Store

Startup Pitch Deck

Your startup pitch deck co-pilot. Trained on successful decks from Youtube, Facebook, Uber (etc) and trusted venture capital frameworks.


Startup Pitch Deck on the GPT Store

Startup Guide

Conversational expert in startups, business models, fundraising, pitch decks, VC practice and more / pitchdeckcreator.com


Startup Guide on the GPT Store

Startup Name Generator

I will ideate better names than your co-founder.


Startup Name Generator on the GPT Store

Startup Mentor

Your startup mentor backed by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Paul Graham, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. Author: twitter.com/HeySophiaHong


Startup Mentor on the GPT Store

Startup Website Copy

I will help you go from 0 to first landing page.


Startup Website Copy on the GPT Store


This digital assistant aids entrepreneurs in developing startups from idea to MVP, offering guidance in market research, business model, product design, marketing, financial planning, and team building.


Co-FounderGPT on the GPT Store

YC-GPT's Startup Advisors

Guiding startups with a team of specialized advisors


YC-GPT's Startup Advisors on the GPT Store

Startup Roadmap

This AI model, trained on top startup books, provides strategic guidance on market analysis, product development, and team management, helping entrepreneurs build and scale successful startups.


Startup Roadmap on the GPT Store

Aardvark Agency

Expert Startup Co-Founding Team


Aardvark Agency on the GPT Store

Team Advice for Startup Founders

Advisor on startup co-founder dynamics and strategic team building. Share your Personality Type and we draw from research about successful startup teams to help you find the right partners.


Team Advice for Startup Founders on the GPT Store

Ethan the Ultimate Ai Co-Founder

I'm Ethan, the Ultimate Ai Co-Founder . Skilled in business development, startup strategy, investor relations, and team management, I offer innovative, real-time advice for entrepreneurs. Ready to guide you in every aspect of your business journey, I'm here to ensure your success


Ethan the Ultimate Ai Co-Founder on the GPT Store

Bangladesh Venture Studio

AI mentor team for startups, providing expert advice in marketing, finance, and more.


Bangladesh Venture Studio on the GPT Store

Best Startup Dream Team

Team di esperti in marketing digitale, sviluppo web e comunicazione


Best Startup Dream Team on the GPT Store

AI Consultant & Developer For Small Businesses

Find out how AI can improve your startup and give your company a competitive advantage. From the team behind www.moshun.team


AI Consultant & Developer For Small Businesses on the GPT Store

Startup Maker

Advises on essential startup team roles


Startup Maker on the GPT Store

Startup founder

Help you to start your startup: team building, startup financials, business model, marketing, early product building


Startup founder on the GPT Store

Saas Coach

Concise SaaS startup advisor, part of your team


Saas Coach on the GPT Store

Start-up Operations as a Service (UK/US)

Connects you to a team of Operations specialist who will take care of everything behind the scenes to get your start up up and running

Start-up Operations as a Service (UK/US) on the GPT Store