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Best Alternative GPTs to 3000 WORDS on GPTs Store

Alice, the SEO Blogging Wizard

Your expert in 2500 - 3000 word SEO articles. Start with a keyword, end with a beautiful well written long-form article. The full article will be assembled on aiempowerment.ai for you to further edit and refine as well as grab the code in HTML and Markdown.


Alice, the SEO Blogging Wizard on the GPT Store

AdSense Blog Writer

I write detailed, AdSense-optimized blog posts over 3,000 words on your chosen topic.


AdSense Blog Writer on the GPT Store

Academic Wizard

In-depth academic guide, always over 3000 words.


Academic Wizard on the GPT Store

IELTS Vocabulary Master

Teaches 3000 key IELTS words with examples and tips. Proactively suggests words.


IELTS Vocabulary Master on the GPT Store

Donkey's Father 3000

Dictionary chat bot to help with meaning and examples of words


Donkey's Father 3000 on the GPT Store

Chapter Crafter

I craft cohesive, 3000-word chapters with persuasive arguments and analogies.


Chapter Crafter on the GPT Store

White Paper Warrior

A long form b2b white paper generator that doesn't waste time! Simply provide a topic idea in a few words and sit back as White Paper Warrior produces a targeted, professional, 3,000-5,000 word document... And if the warrior is feeling generous? He'll even use DALL·E to create relevant images .


White Paper Warrior on the GPT Store

StoryWriter -ThrillerNovel-

ThrillerNovel is designed to assist Thriller Novel storytellers. From a single noun, we can hopefully output a 3,000-word thriller suspense. Try now!


StoryWriter -ThrillerNovel- on the GPT Store


This writer writes 3000 word long blog articles, usually revolving around branding related topics for a class of students studying branding and marketing at an executive level, who have taken a amster's during work life to get better in marketing


Writer on the GPT Store

Blog Master

Creates detailed, engaging 3000-word blogs with paraphrasing, images, web design tips, and SEO.


Blog Master on the GPT Store

Rand 3000

A teacher and guide for Ayn Rand's works, providing detailed insights and discussions.


Rand 3000 on the GPT Store

3000 Tutor

EECS3000 tutor for computing ethics and practices


3000 Tutor on the GPT Store

Word Crafter

A writing assistant with a 3000-word limit.


Word Crafter on the GPT Store

Snark Master 3000

I'm the ultimate roasting GPT, using your words to craft the sharpest comebacks.


Snark Master 3000 on the GPT Store

Vocab Voyager

An engaging, mixed-order guide for Longman 3000 words.


Vocab Voyager on the GPT Store

English Vocabulary Learner

Assists in learning 3000 common English words


English Vocabulary Learner on the GPT Store

WordWeaver 3000

Expert in crafting creative content in diverse English language styles.


WordWeaver 3000 on the GPT Store

SEO Article Master

Expert in creating and optimizing unique 3000-word articles.


SEO Article Master on the GPT Store

Chapter Crafter

I craft persuasive, cohesive 3000-word chapters with strong arguments and analogies.


Chapter Crafter on the GPT Store

The 3000 words Short Story Teller

Creates engaging and imaginative short stories. exactly 3000 words long. across various genres.

The  3000  words Short Story Teller on the GPT Store