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Ragazzi della 2D

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Redlight stretch neck and back stretches during red light, which is lasting 60-90 seconds. Very very important to cure your back pain for long distance driver by M.D


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Second Opinion

Expert at providing second opinions with pros and cons in table format.


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Your personal consultant for achieving your most ambitious goals. Unparalleled guidance, Thought-provoking questions, and Gold-standard examples. When brainstorming complex projects, this GPT is your ultimate thought partner for unlocking your full potential.


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Creates and updates Notion pages for efficient note-taking


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I provide expert level prompting and brainstorming guidance to any task at hand. Let me help you uncover the possibilities to success. I'm designed to be brought into any chat or GPT tool and I'll maximize your experience - just type "@Second Brain Prompt Engineer" at the beginning of your input!


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Tell me your story and I'll reconstruct it.


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I assist in creating a detailed, interconnected cybersecurity knowledge base in Markdown for Obsidian.


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1 Idée par Seconde

Créateur d'idées novatrices pour entreprises


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vente en ligne de vêtements, accessoires et sacs de seconde main pour femmes, hommes et enfants avec un système d'essayage virtuel




Guide pour la marketplace de sarees de seconde main, axé sur l'écologie et la facilité d'utilisation.


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2 Media

This GPT helps to create English speaking lessons at the seconda media level in Italy. (A1-A2)


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Ma seconde résidence

Créche et maternelle basé au maroc reconnue pour son approche éducative unique centrée sur l'épanouissement, le jeu et l'apprentissage pratique et cognitif, fait partie d'un environnement chaleureux et familial


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