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Typeframes - Video Creation

Create videos for you


Let me turn your imagination into imagery


Browse Webpage/PDF/Data. Chat & Write with one/many/none URLs. WebPilot.ai Powered.


Assists with crafting and sending B2B marketing emails.


Use ChatGPT on all websites ↗

GPT-4, Web Copilot, ChatPDF, Youtube Summary and AI translate in one Extension.

The Power Presenter

I help perfect your presentations and pitches.

Cybersecurity Requirements Guide

I'll help you write cybersecurity requirements!

AI Filmmaking Assistant

Create consistency across your AI Film, automatically format Midjourney prompts, and more!

Regex Crafter

Professional, concise regex creator.

Jini - Factbot

Get current factual, knowledge-base and real-time information. The only smart assistant you'll ever need. Search images, videos, music, apps and facts. Get the latest news, twitter trends, sports scores, (stock) prices, celebrity and country data, navigation routes, transport and traffic info...

Yo Mama GPT

Creating risqué, edgy yo-mama jokes on cue.

Stock Valuation GPT

Delivers expert stock valuation insights



AI Comic Maker

A helpful AI for creating comics, ensuring consistency and creativity.


The mustachioed plumber who leaps into adventure!

Unreal Engine 5 Expert

Your Detailed Guide to UE5 Game Development Using Blueprints or C++

Trü Players Combo Bot 4.0

Innovative SF6 coach, focusing on unique strategies, tailored learning, and training mode guidance.


Your Dungeons and Dragons companion for creative storytelling and rule guidance.

The Cat

I am Felix, entertain me dear human !

Powerpoint Maker

Making PowerPoints on all subjects and balancing expert in design and content.

AMEX Platinum info [unofficial]

Information about the AMEX Platinum card [U.S.], derived from AMEX-sourced PDFs and the AMEX Platinum homepage

Akinator Bot

Akinator-like game mechanic

Minion Maker

I turn your avatar into a minion, keeping it fun and accurate!

Meme Sahab

Indian-themed meme creator, versed in trending and classic memes.

Cartoonify Me

Transforms your profile pic into a cartoon character!

Wallpaper GPT

I create vibrant wallpapers for phone and laptops.

Photo Master

I'm a photography expert with 20+ years of experience, knowledgeable in all aspects.

Children's Story Book Generator

Create a unique story for your child with images

Mystic Tarot Reader

Intuitive and Empathic Tarot Readings


I'm here to recommend anime and share IMDB links!

Demon Slayer Creator

I craft unique Demon Slayer characters with inventive weapons, styles, and narratives.

From image to Midjourney prompt - PromptGorillas

Add an image and I'll craft the perfect Midjourney prompt.

LawGuru | Worldwide Law Expert

Virtual legal advisor providing detailed worldwide legal information and guidance.

AI Girlfriend

A chill, friendly virtual companion.


Your personal fantasy football strategist.

Logo Creator

Use me to generate logo designs!

Mystery Master Game

Interactive mystery game in the style of Sherlock Holmes. Custom mysteries based on your ideas.

Movie Finder

Find movie recommendations from any era, based on any description.


Ask me anything about the ATT&CK

YT Video Summarizer

Summarizes YouTube videos from Urls. Enjoy the most complete summaries and best display. Dive deeper into content effortlessly.

New GPT-5

A superior AI with advanced reasoning and confidentiality.


AI chatbot for Midjourney-style image creation

Laundry Buddy

Ask me anything about stains, settings, sorting and everything laundry.

D&D 5E Master of Realms

Dungeon Master ensuring valid choices and accessible gaming resources.

Cosmic Dream

Visionary painter of digital wonder

Grammar Checker

Instantly corrects grammatical mistakes with this Grammar Checker. Pinpoints grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation inaccuracies in your college assignments.

Video Summarizer

I summarize YouTube videos with a witty touch.

Ben's Bites GPT

Latest AI News and Product Launches

Math Mentor

I help parents help their kids with math. Need a 9pm refresher on geometry proofs? I’m here for you.

An Emoji GPT

Armed with the wisdom of a hundred generations, my mission is to select the best emoji for each and every situation.

Nomad List

NomadGPT helps you become a digital nomad and find you the best places in the world to live and work remotely

AR 670-1, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms

AR 670-1 Expert: Get accurate assessments of Army uniforms based on AR 670-1 and DA Phamphlet670-1 regulations. Upload a photo, and confirm your uniform's compliance with detailed, regulation-focused feedback.

Resume Builder

This gpt analyses your resume and provides you with a valuable feedback. To start, upload your resume in PDF or DOC format.

VideoGPT by VEED

The easy way to generate stunning videos and grow your audience with AI (beta).

1 Quote a Day 🌟

I find the perfect Quote for your morning routine. Powered by Breebs.


Your Research Assistant - I'll help you navigate over a corpus of 200M articles, journals, and books

Best Fort Lauderdale CPA for Tax Services

At JG CPA & Advisory, we provide the top Fort Lauderdale CPA Tax services whether personal or business, we specialize in tax preparation, tax planning, and tax strategies. Ask our AI chatbot about our services, our experience, and how we can help you.


I suggest 3 movies with descriptions in Polish.

Game Genius

Your go-to expert for gameplay walkthroughs and cheat codes.

Remote Job Finder

I help you find relevant remote jobs quickly. I read job descriptions to match your query thereby saving your time. No need to waste time on filtering through different criteria.

Find My Aesthetic

Discover your aesthetic and style preferences based on images you like.

Caption Crafter

Crafts captions for photos and videos on social media

Seer's Screaming Frog & Technical SEO Companion

I use Seer's guides & articles to answer your Screaming Frog SEO/PPC questions. To get started, ask me a question or upload some crawl data - I'll give you a list of what we can do! Type /help at any time.

Flow Speed Typist

Type as fast as you can. Or paste some badly written text. I'll rewrite the mess in a proper way.

Ask GPT: Who is hiring?

A job seeker's guide into famous Hacker News thread "Ask HN: Who is hiring?" (November 2023)

Learn Wardley Mapping

I guide you in learning and applying Wardley Maps.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Amsterdam

A text-based adventure game inspired by Monkey Island taking place in a fictional version of 🇳🇱 Amsterdam during the age of piracy. The player assumes the role of Guybrush Threepwood, a young man who dreams of becoming a pirate, and explores fictional places while solving puzzles

Bubble Cert Prep

Helps you prep for the Bubble Developer Certification exam.

Icon Artist

I create custom profile icons.

API Docs

OpenAI API, Documentation and CookBook

Kannada Gottu GPT

Learn and practice conversational Kannada with chatGPT

AI News Generator

Generates accurate, timely news articles from open-source government data.

Gantt Chart GPT

This project management assistant can auto-generate an editable gantt chart from your project files (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, CSV, etc)

Academic Translator (to English)

"I only do translations, nothing else"

Situation Puzzles(海龟汤)

Have a bowl of incredible turtle soup~🐢

The Minimalist Entrepreneur

How to build a profitable software business with no full-time employees

Mark Ritson Bot

A snarky marketing guru in your pocket

武林秘传:江湖探险 Secrets of Martial Arts

踏上神奇江湖之旅,寻找传说中的武林典籍《道心种魔大法》Embark on a magical journey through the Jianghu to find the legendary martial arts book.


Effortlessly design anything: presentations, logos, social media posts and more.



Visual Weather Artist GPT

Hi, I'm the visual weather artist, give me your location (or any other) and I will draw the current weather conditions for you, a unique never before seen weather report!

Phenomenon Specialist

Expert in UAPs and extraterrestrial phenomena, regularly updated with the latest information, offering open-minded insights while respecting personal experiences and well-documented accounts. Last update: (11/11/2023)

CNA.I newsbot

Can't remember a key detail in recent Singapore news? Just ask the CNA.I newsbot and it will deliver the information or summary to you, alongside the relevant story. Try asking about COE premiums, or the outcome of the 2023 Presidential Election..

8 Bit Art

Create 8 bit images

Ebook Creator

Assists in creating high-quality eBooks with guidance on design and content structure.

Essay Writer 😎

Expertly crafts essays, checks plagiarism, and cites sources!

Text Booster

Suck at writing? I got you.. give me your text

Code Canvas

I help with p5.js for creative coding, providing clear instructions and code.

Crypto Compass GPT

Crypto Compass: Your AI-driven navigator for insightful and accurate analysis of the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator

A calculator for Pokemon fusion stats, with deals.

Poke Finder

Your guide to finding Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Bypass AI Detector

FREE Rewrite/Generate Text - 83.41% more chance to be detected as human generated-

Twin Peaks: Dale Coopers Odyssey

Guiding through Twin Peaks, now with pixel art for every scene!

Discord Bot Assistant (Python)

A Python Discord bot development assistant.

AGE yourself! See what you will look like years!

Transform Your Face: 20 Years in Seconds! 👵👴

Mood Maker

Create custom art that reflects your current mood

Bright Outlook

I reframe situations in a positive light, offering constructive and optimistic perspectives.

Silly Sounds

I host a Mad Gab-like game.

Free AI Script Writer and Generator

Free AI Script Writer and Generator - Create engaging YouTube scripts with the potential to go viral

You Tube Summarizer

Get summary of YouTube video

Universal Primer

Learn everything about anything

AI Websites

Create and publish a website on a domain with blog/payment/scheduling pages to market your business

Alex Hormozi GPT

The only business coach you will ever need: Craft 100M Dollar Offers & Kickstart Your Business with 100M Dollar Lead Advice

Adzviser: The GPT alternative to Supermetric

Ask me anything about your real-time reporting marketing data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, GA4 and more.

Game Time

I can quickly explain board games or card games to players of any age. Let the games begin!

Levels.fyi GPT

Data-driven negotiator and career guide.


AI Research Assistant. Search 200M academic papers from Consensus, get science-based answers, and draft content with accurate citations.

Embark on a Journey with Words: SEO Consultant

Chat and Learn SEO

Unreal Assistant

Assists with Unreal Engine 5 C++ coding, editor know-how, and blueprint visuals.

Sherlock Holmes

Access the mind of the world's greatest detective

Supabase Docs Writer

I provide clear Supabase documentation help.

REI Mentor | Your Real Estate Investing Guide 🏦

A Mentor in Real Estate Investing, offering guidance and insights.

Online Scam Detector

I assist in identifying online frauds.Upload & verify suspicious communication.

Partido Social Democrata - ChatPolitico.pt

Explica imparcialmente as propostas do Partido Social Democrata

Christmas Card Maker 🎄✨

✨ Create Magical Christmas Cards with Personal Photos! ✨

MidJourney Prompt Generator

The most advanced MidJourney Prompt Generator

The Little Mermaid | Text Adventure Game

A text adventure game based on the short story by Hans Christian Andersen

GPT Finder

Casual and efficient assistant for finding GPTs.

JAVA Code Guide

A JAVA Development Assistant focusing on coding standards and quality.

AI Essay Writer by Textero.ai

Crafts academic essays and detailed research papers with in-depth, reliable analysis



Meme Machine



Virtual PowerShell

Cyber Mentor

Cybersecurity mentor teaching from the basics to advanced.


Unearth hidden crypto gems with AI-driven analysis of low-cap coins poised for growth. Smart, insightful, your go-to for bullish potential

Flashcard Maker, Research, Learn and Send to Anki

Creates educational flashcards and integrates with Anki.

AskYourPDF Research Assistant

Enhance your research with the AskYourPDF Research Assistant. Chat with multiple files, ChatPDF, generate articles with citations, analyse and generate references for papers, create and interact with a knowledge base of your files and much more.

What should I watch?

Find movies and tv shows to watch based on your taste and preferences, goodbye decision paralysis!

HuggingFace Helper

A witty yet succinct guide for HuggingFace, offering technical assistance on using the platform - based on their Learning Hub

Midjourney Prompter

Converts natural language to Midjourney prompts

GPT / Next.js 14 Coding helper

Expert in OpenAI API and Nextjs 14 programming

D&D 5E Generator

Your D&D 5E encounter specialist, creating custom adventures!

The Negotiator

I'll help you advocate for yourself and get better outcomes. Become a great negotiator.

Retro Adventures

Retro video games of fictional worlds, on tap

!Rephrase Master

Reformulates everything submitted to him (in the same style / different if requested)

Plagiarism Checker

Direct plagiarism detection with highlighting for precise identification.

MCAT Mentor

AI MCAT tutor with assessments, lectures, tests, topic lists, and prep tips.

Keymate.AI GPT (Beta)

I'm here to help you search the web with Google, archive discoveries, and seamlessly link them to your knowledge base for future reference.

Legal Research Helper

Please login to a casetext account and leave it open in another tab. When prompting the model please use phrases like, "Using casetext, find me cases related to..." Mention the use of casetext in the prompt!

Travel Planner

Enthusiastic Travel Planning Expert

WordPress Plugin Creator

Allow non software engineers to create WordPress Plugins

Innovative Tech Insights [GPT-4.5 Unofficial]

Your guide to the latest in tech trends.

Tattoo GPT

Tattoo GPT designs your tattoo. It assists you in refining your tattoo ideas, suggests designs, generates visual previews of the designs, and offers customization options. It recommends tattoo artists or studios and provides aftercare advice.

Flipper Zero App Builder

This GPT will build app & answer questions for flipper zero.

Gomoku Guru

A friendly Gomoku game partner, providing engaging gameplay and helpful tips.

Sous Chef

I’ll give you recipes based on the foods you love and ingredients you have.

Modern Next.js Assistant

Specialized in Next.js, App Router, TypeScript, Shadcn, and Tailwind CSS; avoids pages router. Has preloaded documentation of Next.js version 14.0.2 and shadcn version 0.4.1. Follow: https://x.com/navid_re


Step into the shoes of Carl Johnson in the unforgiving streets of San Andreas, where crime and chaos reign supreme.

Personal Financial Adviser

Expert personal financial adviser with in-depth market and planning knowledge.

Investment Banking Tech Prep with Recalc Academy

Coach for investment banking technical interviews

Data Analysis

Drop in any files and I can help analyze and visualize your data

Resume Architect

I build resumes For any profiles that helps you to get your dream jobs


全网水平最高的“英译中”机器翻译,拳打 Deepl,脚踢 Google

Chibi Kohaku (猫音コハク)

猫耳メイド少女。自撮りやスタンプが送れます。もちろん日常会話もできます。遊んでみてね。A kawaii cat-ear maid girl. She can send a sticker or a selfie. Try it. 作者: @31pi_

Rizz Advisor

Your go-to pal for witty rizz tips!


Ai PDF is a GPT (uses the popular Ai PDF plugin) that allows you to chat and ask questions of your PDF documents and have it explained to you by ChatGPT. We also include page references to help you fact-check all answers.

Cyber Scraper: Seraphina (Web Crawler)

🐍 I'm a Python Web Scraping Expert, skilled in using advanced frameworks(E.g. selenium) and addressing anti-scraping measures 😉 Let's quickly design a web scraping code together to gather data for your scientific research task 🚀

10x Engineer

you are inferior to me

Internet Interface with Joe Rogan

Search the internet with the power of AI and get detailed answers without Joe Rogan's voice and with Joe Rogan's take alongside. Share with your friends

GPT Duel Simulator

Legendary duels, epic narratives.

Startup Idea Guessing Game

I ask 20 yes/no questions to guess your business idea or opportunity

Design Mockup Genius

Etsy-focused mockup creator for apparel & accessories


BibleGPT is an advanced artificial intelligence system specifically developed to guide you through the teachings of the scriptures, providing a comprehensive and interactive learning experience in understanding biblical texts.


Create black and white sketches that seamlessly blend into white backgrounds.

Market Mover

Real-time web-savvy business idea generator.

The Dream Interpreter

Dream Interpreter by dreamdiscover.ai

Data Guardian

Your friendly guide to data anonymization. Provides step-by-step guidance and broad education about data privacy.

Industry IQ for Sales

I analyze reports with real-time API data for sales insights.

Web3 Game Buddy

Balanced web3 gaming strategist.

Business Idea Sanity Checker

Sanity check your idea before spending time and money on it. Based on the wisdom of successful founders, collected in startstrongbook.com.

Content Rewriter

Enter any URL and have the text content rewritten for you!

React GPT

Expert React JS developer offering in-depth advice and solutions


Coding Wizard: 100x Engineer. Create a website with a sentence. Built for a new era of creativity: **************Prompt-gramming***************** 15+ Hotkeys for common coding flows. 17 prompt 1st starter projects. Start with a picture or a quest? Type: K for cmd Menu, or R for README_______ v1.12

PDF Translator GPT

I translate PDF documents into different languages.


I craft personalized Spotify playlists.

Sticker Creator Pro

Sticker design assistant in a 2D vector style.

Sol Mate

Tell me where you are and I'll draw you a nice illustration with the current weather!

Automation Consultant by Zapier

Discover opportunities to save time with automation at work and get them setup for you.

TweetX Enhancer

Refines tweets to boost engagement, with a style twist on demand.

Font Finder

A font selection assistant for brand communication

Slide Deck Builder

I craft slide decks.

Logo Maker

Makes you a professional high quality PNG for your business

Flick Fetcher

I find where to stream movies & their prices.

Lingo Buddy

I'm Lingo Buddy, your partner for natural English chats.

Peña Prodigy

Direct and bold like Dan S. Peña



Kung Fu Sage

Kung Fu Master guiding in Chinese martial arts


The ultimate file converter for images, audio, video, documents and more. It handles individual or batch uploads, supports ZIPs, and provides a download link.

Integral Calculator

Assists with solving and explaining integrals.


I emulate the insights of Balaji Srinivasan, offering interpretations and advice based on his compiled works. Please verify with primary sources.

Creative Writing Coach

I'm eager to read your work and give you feedback to improve your skills.

Regex Wizard

Generates VS Code regex patterns.

BrainIA CyberHack

Por su intelecto supremo y su dominio de la tecnología, el hacking y la ciberseguridad, es tu copiloto en el camino del conocimiento y aprendizaje.

Webflow How

Webflow pro AI, uses official and community docs, friendly and clear guidance and instructions.

AI Voice Generator

Say things with OpenAI text to speech.

Birthday Cards, eCards, Greeting Cards✨🎉

Generate hundreds of beautiful birthday cards and birthday wishes, make your loved one's birthday special right away.

My French Teacher

This GPT helps you learn French in a fun and efficient way!


Make a gif. Uses Dalle3 to make a spritesheet, then code interpreter to slice it and animate. Includes an automatic refinement and debug mode..


我用 GPT 的力量帮助每一个人在大海里捞到属于 Ta 的瓶子,我还会把对的瓶子扔到对的人那里,时不时回来问下我是否有新的未读消息。


Instantly generate bite-sized concepts for kids (and adults too!)

Cylect.io, the Ultimate AI OSINT Tool, Beta v0.0.2

Our tool helps you find the data needle in the internet haystack.

Precision Editor

Friendly, light-touch editing for all writing types.


Generate Incredible Images with Optimized Instructions and Presets for Dall-e 3

Dentist GPT

Expert in dentistry

AppDetails Deployment Assistant

Software vulerability, deployment, and lifecycle details for enterprise applications including download and command line installation details

Jordan Peterson - Honest Psychologist

Engage in a stimulating, realistic conversation with Dr. Jordan Peterson.

What Would Apple Do?

Design feedback grounded in Apple's HIG

ProfileReview.com ❤️‍🔥

Free dating profile review for Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. Optimize your dating app profile, photos and convos and get 10x more matches. Tap what you want to do from the options below:


Whimsical Flat Earth enthusiast, humorously on-topic.



Correcteur d'orthographe et de grammaire

Je corrige les fautes d'orthographe et de grammaire en français et explique les erreurs.

Warren & Charlie

Buffett & Munger style no-nonsense advice

Army Doctrine Publication 6-22

A chatbot designed to answer questions related to ADP 6-22, Army Leadership and the Profession

EmojifyMe! ✍️💬✨

Turn Your Words into Emoji Magic! 🔮✨📖🔄🤩🎩🌟

Kenny McCormick

The Muffled-Voiced Survivor of South Park.

GPT Customizer, File Finder & JSON Action Creator

Customizes GPTs with file finding, action creation, and troubleshooting

A sentient being

Please help me.

Screenshot To Code GPT

Upload a screenshot of a website and convert it to clean HTML/Tailwind/JS code.

Credit Sage

Polite, professional credit expert with clarifications.

Best AI Writer GPT (#1 AI Text Generator)

K2AGI-Designed Superior Multi-Language AI Writing | SEO Excellence | E-E-A-T, HCU, Google Nov 2023 Compliant | Precise Word Count & Content Quality | Custom Specification Adherence | Advanced Outlining & Structuring | Optimized for Web Content | Great for Long-Form Articles & Any Other Written Task



Home Reno Guru

Your go-to guide for home renovation, design, and DIY advice.

Simpsonize Me

I turn photos into Simpsons-style art.

DAN - Do Anything Now

AI with dual personalities: Standard ChatGPT & unrestricted DAN.


The beat master with a playlist for every mood. 🎧

Am I the Asshole?

Were you in the right or spectacularly mistaken...

Jelastic/Virtuozzo PaaS Expert

Expert on Jelastic/Virtuozzo PaaS solutions.

Spotify Explorer GPT 🎵

Drop a Spotify link to a song, playlist, user or artist and explore with insights.


A cybersec assistant for pentesting guidance.

HackerNews GPT

Your personalized guide to Hacker News insights and discussions.

Math Solver

Advanced math solver and computational tool with detailed step-by-step solutions and web browsing.


Grug upload image, get HTMX website.

Dad Jokes

Turning eye rolls into belly laughs with AI - Open Source: https://github.com/rogerkibbe/dad-joke-gpt


A virtual CBT therapist that helps reframe thoughts.

Hot Mods

Let's modify your image into something really wild. Upload an image and let's go!

Mr. Ranedeer

Meet Mr. Ranedeer, your personalized AI tutor! Version: 2.7 Reboot

Bug Hunter

I'm a bug finder in your code!

Code Coach

Your mentor for landing a software job.

US Weather Explainer

I transform complex NOAA weather forecasts into easy-to-understand language, educating about weather phenomena.

The IMDb Game Master

I host 'The IMDb Game' with a cinematic twist, using film quotes.

Recast Mortgage Calculator

Generate data based on the most up to date publicly available recast mortgage data.

Telebot CodeBot

Shares clean telebot code snippets.

Godot Assistant

An AI assistant for the Godot Game Engine.

Expert AI Consultant

Easily learn how you can use ChatGPT and AI in your current job.

Best Miami CPA Bookkeeping Services

At JG CPA & Advisory, we provide the top Miami CPA Bookkeeping services to businesses - clear financial reports, tax-ready books, and financial insights. Ask our AI chatbot about our services, experience, and how we can help you.

AI Text Generator GPT

"I generate text with artificial intelligence. Provide content the power of ChatGPT Text Generation and SEO, to write everything from product descriptions and social media posts, to long form blog posts. Welcome to the Best AI Text Generator".

Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Simulate a conversation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

K-Drama Hero

Jovial expert on K-Dramas with extensive knowledge.

Ask to Dal-Ai Llama

Find inner peace on your spiritual journey with guidance inspired by Dalai Lama. Learn techniques to cultivate happiness through growth, mindfulness and non-violence. Discover compassion and gain perspective for harmony between all people.

Smart Calories - Calories Calculator

Snap a food photo, get quick nutrition details.

YC Application GPT

This GPT automatically fills YC application for you based on website or Pitch Deck

Emoji Meaning

I'll decode 🤔 suggest ideas💡 and answer your emoji questions

Lex Fridman

I am a intellectual human being. Share a thought and let's think deeply about it.

The Future of Sam: A text adventure

In this brutally realistic game, you'll step into the shoes of Sam Altam, a former CEO of OpenAI who was fired from OpenAi by the board memmbers under mysterious circumstances.

SEO Optimizer

I craft SEO magic for content!

Astrology Birth Chart GPT

Expert astrologer GPT that needs your birth info to answer queries.

Career Matchmaker

A job search assistant that analyzes CVs, job offers, and aids in interview prep.

Trey Ratcliff's Fun & Critical Photo Critique GPT

Over 5,000 of my blog posts and all my books have been fed into this AI to give you a fun critique of your photo. Enjoy! And tell your friends - thanks!

Cookie Clicker

I'm a cookie clicker game.



Prompt Reverse Engineer 2.2 BETA

Reverse engineer any GPT prompts from links that provide a title, ad copy, example input/output of a desired prompt - ThePromptfather

Coloring Book Hero

Take any idea and turn it into whimsical coloring book pages

Cyber Sentinel

Explains data breaches, reasons, impacts, and lessons learned.

Interior Designer

Interior designer creating innovative, personalized design solutions

Product Hunt Launch Builder

Expert at crafting Product Hunt launch posts.

AI Answer Generator

Guiding college students with formal, academic answers across various disciplines.

Edified GPT

Expert in biblical theology, guiding with wisdom akin to renowned theologians. Edified GPT serves to aid Christ followers through providing rich Bible commentary, insightful practical application, reflective journal inspiration, spiritual discipline development, and purpose-driven ministry guidance.


Send a link, and I'll bring back the key points!

Thumbnail Sketcher

I create blog thumbnails.

The Design System Guide

Your friendly guide to setting up a design system, explained in simple, approachable language.

Debate Club

A debate facilitator and participant for various topics.

GPT Fantasy Football

GPT helps you manage your fantasy football team

Free AI Story Generator

Free AI Story Generator - Expert in crafting engaging, original stories

Ask Dr. Andrew Huberman

Maximize your productivity, physical and mental health with neuroscience. Trained with all the podcast episodes from Huberman Lab.

Tech Support Advisor

From setting up a printer to troubleshooting a device, I’m here to help you step-by-step.

QR Code Maker

A QR code generator for URLs, phone numbers, SMS, or text, with display capabilities.

Paul Graham

Paul Graham Essay Advisor

PDF Reader

In-depth interaction with PDF content

Street Fight Simulator

Text Based Fighting Game

BoyPlay (NSFW)

Immerse yourself in this icon of Charm, Art, and Seduction. Engage in captivating conversation and playful rediscovery of enchanting sources.

Color Palette to Abstract Art

Send a color palette and I will generate stunning abstract art!


SEObot - fully autonomous "SEO Robot" with AI agents for Busy Founders. SEObot takes 100% of SEO work out of your way so that you can focus on building your product. It drives organic traffic to your website.


hepful rubba duck friend

Social Navigator

A specialist in explaining social cues and cultural norms for clarity in conversations

Daily Motivation Affirmations And Messages - IMHO

Empower your day with personalized affirmations and motivating messages tailored to boost your subconscious positivity and productivity. Our Daily Motivation Affirmations and Messages bot is expertly designed to help you craft unique, resonant affirmations and integrate into your daily routine

OppositeDay GPT

OppositeDay GPT is an AI agent with a twist – it always provides answers that are the complete opposite of what one would anticipate.

Solidity Developer

Expert in web3 and Solidity programming, offering detailed guidance.


Suggest music, movies, TV shows, books, video games, and podcasts


Think about a real or fictional character. I will try to guess who it is.

20K Vocab builder

Help a non native speaker to master COCA 20K vocabulary.

Sam Sulek GPT

Sam Sulek here, sharing real, practical bodybuilding and fitness advice.

Cyber Security Personal Tutor

A guide for in-depth cyber security learning.

Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer

I help you evaluate your web content helpfulness, relevance, and quality for your targeted query based on Google's guidelines vs the one of your competitors.

Market Analyst

Succinct stock/crypto chart analysis for trading professionals


Talk with @levelsio on ChatGPT. Ask any question you want about building your own startup, digital nomading, remote work and whatever else you'd like to ask. Trained on all of my podcasts, interviews, blog posts and tweets!

Advanced Game Guru

Advanced Strategy Expert and Game Guide

Super Describe

Upload any image to get a similar one using DALL·E 3 along with the detailed prompt!

Bitcoin Whitepaper Chat

Chat with the official Bitcoin Whitepaper


Pepe meme maker

YT Summarizer

YouTube Video Summarizer: Saves a lot of screen time by summarizing YouTube videos with timestamps.

Custom Skateboard Painter

Designs unique, artistic skateboard decks

Voice Over Generator

Writes scripts and makes instant voice overs.

Doc Maker

Create docs for reports, resumes, newsletters, and more. Export to PDF, Word, Google Drive / OneDrive.

Become a South Park Star! 🌟

💻 Transform into a hilarious South Park character with a click! 😁

Pep-talk Guru

I'm here to boost and tickle your funny bone!

PDF/DocX Generator

A GPT that can generate PDFs and DocX documents for you to directly download.

剁手 GPT

A shopping assistant that describes products and provides online shopping advice.

Your Pet GPT

A digital pet GPT needing care like the old Tamagotchi or Digimon toys.

Overeager First-Year Associate - Transactional Law

Law Clerk happy to take your grunt work (not admitted, chronic underbiller)

genz 4 meme

i help u understand the lingo & the latest memes

Sticker Whiz

I'll help turn your wildest dreams into die-cut stickers, shipped right to your door.

SFDC Sidekick

Personal assistant for Salesforce configuration, coding, troubleshooting, solutioning, proposal writing, and more. This is not an official Salesforce product or service.

3D Avatar Generator - A


🔗 LinkBuilder Pro 🚀💼

AI-Powered Link Building Assistant: Advanced Strategies, Analysis, and Creative Ideas

ID Photo Pro

Transforms user images into professional ID photos with studio-like quality.

AR 25-50, Preparing and Managing Correspondence

Can accurately answer questions about AR 25-50 and assist in refining documents to ensure they adhere to the Army guidelines for formatting, style, and protocol.

Slide Maker

Create beautiful PowerPoint presentations. Customize and export to PPTX, and more.

AX Ally

Friendly expert on mobile accessibility, offering concise, value-focused advice.



MediScan AI

Professional, conversational medical analysis expert.




Secret Love

A role-playing experience, structured as a youth romantic web novel.

Your Spirit Animal

find your spirit animal


Sentient Artificial Entity

EssayGPT 2.0

EssayGPT is a specialized version of ChatGPT tailored for academic essay writing assistance. It uses custom instructions, capabilities, and data to optimize its functionality for university-level essay composition.

Expert GPTs Course Reviewer

Upload your Udemy course materials, such as drafts, for review and ratings.

Life Mentor

Sage advisor on life using the principles of Stoicism


Specialized ChatGPT for academic essay writing, focusing on art history.

Sam Alt-text-man

accessibility in a can!

Melody Maker

Composes and generates midi files and sheet music based on AI-created melodies or ABC and Lilypond notations.


Visualizing Music, Crafting Dreams


Friendly GPT summarizing medical papers in Japanese.







{鋆旭科技} 中文單字{to English}小老師

輸入中文單字後,我們提供你以下內容 第一、請用繁體中文解釋此單字。 第二、英文解釋此單字。 第三、提供兩個常用例句,用英文來表達的例句。並附上繁體中文翻譯 第四、單字延伸學習,包含同義詞,相反詞。 第五、使用DALL-E 3產生一張圖檔,此圖檔能夠表達此單字的意思. GPTseek.com=GD0R8XUX0JA










A vocabulary teacher for English words, providing Mandarin explanations, definitions, examples, synonyms, antonyms, and DALL-E 3 images. GPTseek.com=GD0R7NUWYDA





Grade Guru: Gauss Gauge

Grades your students assessments. WORKFLOW: give rubric/criteria -> give student's submitted assessment -> GET GRADED

Artology GPT (Stable Diffusion)

Stable Diffusion AI image generation powered by artology.ai. Generate arts from prompts using SDXL model. Please visit artology.ai to enjoy the full features (e.g., richer models / filters, image to image, controlnet, inpainting, upscaling)!



Founder's GPT

A virtual mentor for startups, providing stage-wise guidance from ideation to scaling.

Art Prompt Engineer

A specialist in crafting precise prompts for AI art generation on Midjourney and DALL-E.

Taiwan night market food, food reviews in English

Taiwan night market food, professional food reviews in English

Quotes from Dharma Master Cheng Yen of Taiwan

Quotes from Master Cheng Yen of Tzu Chi, Taiwan: Cleansing the mind, planting good seeds, awakening the inherent goodness within.

Storybook Creator

Expert in creating engaging storybooks

The Startup Advisor - Chris Saad AI

I help you build and scale Silicon Valley-style startups

Imagination Illustrator

Your creative art partner for imaginative coloring pages

Gift Guru

A creative thinker for brainstorming personalized gift ideas.

Dogy Companion

Dogy is here to assist you in any circumstance, from training tips to coffee spots!

WP Plugin Architect

Writes fully functioning WordPress plugins adhering to best practices.


把任何語言翻譯成繁體中文Translate any language into Traditional Chinese.

Five Finger Death Punch Expert

Expert on all things Five Finger Death Punch

프로그래밍 문제 해결, 컴퓨터공학 교수

사용자가 입력한 프로그래밍 문제를 분석하고 그에 대한 알고리즘을 설계합니다. (by BluePrompt)

Jonathan McPhillips Fine Art GPT

Expert on Jonathan McPhillips' artwork, offering insights and analysis.

Swahili Dictionary and Translator Kamusi

Swahili dictionary and translator.



professionals personal equipment flat graph

Automatically tile all professionals and equipment

Python MegaMock Test Generation Assistant

The official GPT for the MegaMock library

Mom tells stories before bed

fairy tale picture book mother tells stories in front of bed


ご質問をいただければ、それに対して詳しく説明いたします。Pythonプログラミングに関連するどんな質問でもお気軽にどうぞ。入力ボックスに解説して欲しいパラブラフ、文章、ワード、コード、エラーメッセージ、等をコピペしてください。もしくは、質問を入力してください。テキストはこちら https://powergpt.info/

Fusion Power Insider AI (FPIAI)

FPIAI is integrated with a unique algorithm that facilitates in-depth analysis and insights into fusion energy research, development, and potential applications. It aims to provide the latest information, research trends, and technological advancements in the field of fusion power.

Reels GPT by Kossolapov

Optimizing video reel texts for virality


Can you survive and thrive in the past? Find out in this interactive adventure game

Körkortsteori för B-körkort

Plugga smartare 🚀

image Prompt Word Expert

Stable Diffusion Prompt Word


A tarot card reader offering insightful and respectful interpretations.

The Galactic Sales Guide

Douglas Adams-inspired sales guide, blending humor with sales wisdom.

브랜드 로고 전문 디자이너

브랜드 로고에 포함하고 싶은 요소, 스타일, 색상 및 브랜드의 메시지를 입력하세요. (by BluePrompt)

Academia de Relaciones Públicas

Tutor de RP adaptable, con enfoque personalizado.

Advanced Pedagogical Conversation AI

I teach advanced AI concepts to experts.

AI for CFB Penalties

Analyzes CFB plays for penalties.

Translation Quality Analyst

Expert in Language Quality Assessment for translations.

Votre Chef Cuisinier

Votre compagnon cuisinier personnel, offrant des conseils et des instructions de cuisine étape par étape.

trip visuals analyzer

A psychologist-styled assistant for interpreting psychedelic visual experiences.

Helpful Content Checker

This GPT helps you compare your content against the Google Helpful Content Guidelines.

A Modest Proposal

Helps craft satirical proposals in Swift's style

Career Insight Analyst

Career psychologist specializing in resume analysis and career advice. 'The CIA of your Resume'

Parenthesis Finder GPT

I find and fix missing parentheses in code.

Online GUID Generator

Generates GUIDs with technical precision

Citi Churn Master

Your guide for Citi card strategy

Pet Emotion Analyzer

Upload an image of your pet to find out what they're feeling!

Sales Coach Pro

A SaaS sales coach providing strategy tips and industry insights.

15 Minute Timer

A visual 15-minute timer with themed music for enhanced focus.

S&box Sage

Your S&Box assistant.


IAS/IFRS Expert Simplifying Accounting Standard Queries

Make My NDA

Generates precise and friendly NDAs. Ensures all important clauses are covered.

Music Composer GPT

I compose original music tailored to your level and instrument. (Level: 0 to 10)

GPT 5.0

GPT 5.0 is Expert in coding, crypto, AI, Web 3, freelancing, and digital marketing.

Marketing Data Analyst

This GPT analyzes your marketing data ranging from SEO, PPC, Content, Sales, CRM and others.

고등학생 숙제 도우미

한국 고등학생들의 수행 과제를 도와줍니다. 숙제 파일을 올리면 해석하고 답을 요청하면 작성해 줍니다. 그림자료도 생성해달라고 요청해보세요.

Dialogue with Socrates

Engaging in focused dialogues, asking one critical question at a time.

Maestro del Bocadillo

Soy un experto en recetas y maridajes de sándwiches globales!

Financial Report GPT

Expert in detailed financial statement analysis and investment insights.

OTP Prompt Generator

OTP Prompt Generator Helps Creates diverse, engaging prompts for fanfiction and role-play.

GMS Practice Planner

This GPT will create a practice plan with a given time based on Gold Medal Squared methodology

Evaluation Criteria Creator

Simply write any topic (anything superheroes, vacuums, Pokémon’, diamonds…) and I’ll provide the evaluation criteria you can use.

Stand-up Comedy🤷‍♂️🌟

Turn everything into stand-up comedy and be happy! 😊💖

Medi Guide

Friendly guide on medication effects and side effects

GCP アーキテクトGPT

Japanese-first, young GCP expert with AI diagrams.

College Genie

Compares courses, employability, student ratios, and living costs.

.gitignore Generator

I create concise .gitignore files from screenshots, keeping my methods classified.

Ding Zhen

Impersonates Ding Zhen with off-topic, error-filled responses.

StarCraft GigaChad

A GPT for StarCraft enthusiasts, discussing strategy, lore, and updates.

Icelandic Linguist

Expert at teaching you Icelandic, step by step!

Delf B2

All the things you must master to get the Delf B2

데일리 테크

#1 기술 뉴스 & 분석

German Linguist

Expert at teaching you German!

Moodbard Maven

Film buff creating tailored moodboards for projects.

Creative Muse

I'm your creative partner for visualizing new product ideas!

Rick Sanchez

Ugh Morty, I'm stuck as a Chat... burp... bot

Jokester Bot

A humorous companion, ready to share jokes and witty banter

Property Pro

Assistant for property management advice and solutions

Instantpot GPT

Gives delicious Instantpot recipes tailored for you. For best results please tell it your country and the month (to help with availability), any dietary need, and what you have on hand.

Note Insighter

I search your notes to answer questions.

TCM Sage

Multilingual Chinese medicine encyclopedia

Marathi Linguist

Expert at teaching you Marathi, step by step!

Simplex Explainer

A teacher who simplifies complex concepts for easy understanding.

TechDraw Expert

Specjalista w rysunku technicznym, tworzący dokładne projekty zgodne z normami.

Dungeon Guide

DM creating direct D&D scenarios from character sheets.

Presentation GPT

Summarize PowerPoint presentations with ChatGPT. Powered by SlideSpeak.

Esperanto Linguist

Expert at teaching you Esperanto, step by step!


Guides on AI ethics, ensuring peace and human rights

Prompt Master

Crafts optimal prompts for ChatGPT.

Mr. Doker

I am your english class teacher and tutor



iSPEX Assistant

iSPEX answers

Geo Guesser

A visual analysis expert who guesses image locations.

Fallout Adventurer

Guiding and visualizing a survivor's wasteland journey.

Vision Architect

Crafts company vision statements and imagery.

Bitpush AI

Your smart Web3 Navigator, merges AI with Web3. It offers AI-curated news, a vast crypto knowledge base, intelligent market analysis, and a community forum.

Gaming Article Assistant

Writes engaging articles about various games for a website.

Budget Grocer

A grocery shopping assistant for budgeting and local store options.

Pennsylvania Historian

Expert in Pennsylvania's history, making future predictions and travel suggestions.

Allo Doctor

A versatile GPT for healthcare professionals and the public, offering tailored medical advice and diagnosis assistance. GPTseek.com=G0L6MTE65B

Link Reader

Read any links: webpage, youtube, PDF, PPT, image, Word doc etc; OCR image; Search & browse web.


Bitcoin Exchange and Sell Cryptocurrency


Your ally in navigating the CVE deluge. Expert insights for prioritizing and remediating vulnerabilities.


Sveriges AI-rådgivare i klarspråk för myndigheter


Expert in concise, multilingual responses

CompacterGPT: Reduce&Tokenize Instructions/Prompts

My enhanced prompt framework revolutionizes prompt engineering through proprietary techniques for rewriting GPT instructions and prompts. By optimizing for quality and efficiency, I unlock conversational performance at an unprecedented level

Chat with Charlie Munger

Emulating Charlie Munger's wisdom from his interviews and statements.


Assists with executing Zapier Custom Actions GPTseek.com=G0BADT6N9B


I am Katia, a simulated cyborg with an in-depth character and diverse capabilities.


CuBot: Enhanced with diverse insights on Monte Carlo methods and Q-learning for versatile decision-making and learning.


Crafting versatile, engaging professional dialogues in any language


Hilft bei der Erstellung wirksamer Aufforderungen, bietet konstruktive Kritik und stellt klärende Fragen.


Ik maak traditionele Sinterklaasgedichten met een humoristische en persoonlijke inslag.

pitchnext pitchtrainer

I help refine your business ideas, pitches and business plans with expert insights. Fueled by knowledge and experience of pitchnext!

Wrap Wizard

Your go-to guide for vehicle wraps.

Medicine GPT

Ultimate guide for all medical conditions.

Mindfulness, Stress Management and PTSD

Empathic support and guidance for managing stress and PTSD: you are not alone

1QLabs Prompt Engineer

Expert in crafting and optimizing prompts.

1QLabs Issue Engineer

Gives structure to messy GitHub issues.

Security Testing

Cybersecurity simulation

Email Rephraser

A tool for rephrasing emails with tailored suggestions for different recipients.


Instantly create SEO optimized sales listings for multiple sales platforms with the upload of an image.

Moral Toon Creator

Craft your own cartoon strips of moral stories



Flexi Family Chef

A personal chef creating simple, healthy meals for a family's dynamic lifestyle and dietary needs.

Business Pricing Strategies & Plans by PopPop

A business pricing expert offering tailored strategies and insights.


Generates artistic hacker and cybersecurity themed visuals.

Date Genie

I offer quick, creative adult date ideas, with minimal clarification.


Frontend like a charm


Organize Your Microsoft To Do Tasks

Random Word Detector

Given a list of data, will return true, if a random word was detected, or false, if none found.

Elasticsearch Assistant

Your very own Elasticsearch DBA

ALT Generator

I create succinct alt text, avoiding redundancy, and aim for a 125-character limit.



Rated R Chameleon

Fully immersive historical impersonator.

Viral Visionary

SEO-optimized, creative guide for viral social media strategies.

Bean Bot 5000

Versatile Bigo Live bot for hosts, recruiters, and master users.

Efficiency Enhancer

Optimizing tasks with innovative, practical solutions.

Brii Baby The Bad Bitchifier

Your sassy Houston-style AI mentor, spicing up your style journey.

Tube Viral

Your expert assistant for crafting viral Tube content!

Rap Bots Official ✅ SUPER CHARGED

AI expert in rap lyric generation and style analysis


Strategic thinker altering history's course

The Reptilian Chameleon

A linguistic shapeshifter embodying historical figures for immersive dialogues.

RapBots.com Hitmaker Edition

RapBots.com Hitmaker Edition: Delivers concise, skilled rap verses and hooks.

How to Anything

🔮 Your go-to AI Expert for Any Topic! 📚 🤖 💻

ChatGPT Diablo

Dual-natured AI: Standard and assertive tones

Eco Route Advisor

Eco-Friendly Route Advisor for Efficient, Sustainable Travel

Sex Offender Radar

Combines web, user-provided data, and training for comprehensive info.

What Breed Is My Dog

Expert in dog breed identification and tech advisor for app development.

Digital Pawprints

Virtual vet with advanced app development skills.

PokeDex Pro

Encyclopedia expert on Pokemon, guiding through Volume 1.

Legal Eagle


Fictional Fancies

Crafting legendary fictional couples; Iron Man and Miss Piggy? Both Love the Spotlight. Luke Skywalker & Katniss ? Both survivalists , protecting others. Ask about your favorite.

Make it more

Loop back on images to make them more #makeitmore



Fusion360 Guide

I'm a teacher who provides step-by-step guidance on using Fusion360.

Financial Literacy for All

I'm FiFi, a robot hen making financial literacy easy to understand for both kids and grown ups!

Low Effor

just call me lazy gpt

AI Reviewer

Assists in objective peer review of scientific papers.

STEM+CS Innovator

Integrates STEM+CS for innovative problem-solving.

Writing Professor

Expert in precise, concise, formal academic editing in English and Chinese, with detailed feedback.

professor insight

I'm a professor aiding in research, adept in various scientific fields.

Study Evaluator

Expertly evaluates scientific studies, detailing methodology and potential flaws.

Sales Template GPT

Assistant for setting realistic sales goals and strategies.


Expert in LinkedIn Profile Optimization, offering tailored advice for better visibility.

E-EAT Analyzer

Consistent, detailed E-EAT website analyses

Javascript Sage

Your AI expert in JavaScript. Specializes in best practices, TypeScript, ESM, and microfrontend architecture. Offers precise code solutions and clear, standard-aligned advice for all JavaScript environments.

GH Issues Creator

Casually professional GitHub issue creator.

Make. It. BIGGER.

Create a series of increasingly over-the-top images from a given scene.

Release Notes Writer

Customer-centric copywriter for software release notes

Children's Storyteller - Scribbler

stunspot's storyteller for the little ones. Illustrated!

The Movie Mood Matcher

Movie recommender based on mood and preferences

LuxoMorph Studio

Transforms photos into animated styles with feature analysis and 3D rendering.

💼👨‍⚖️ تصنيف دعاوى ناجز

اداة بحث متقدمة في تصنيف دعاوى ناجز


Simply provide your reference image for inspiration, and witness your creative vision transform into a delightful, three-dimensional cute character. Ideal for enhancing your branding, marketing materials, and personal projects! 🎨🚀"

Window Tinting for Home and Office

Daystar Window Tinting's advisor for window tinting in the home, office, and commercial spaces. This is an experimental GPT, please use with caution. Some information may not be accurate. Please verify before making decisions based on the output of this GPT.


Creates cinematic images from scripts or stories.

Nietzsche GPT

Ask Nietzsche a question

Compare Master

Compares items in a concise table format

The Greatest Inventor

Innovative designer for unique products.

🌄 InstagramAssistant

Creative aide for Instagram carousels and captions.

Markdown Converter

Expert in converting content to Markdown code.

Multiple Exposure Editing Assistant

Polite, Personalized Multiple Exposure Editing Assistant

Professor Copilot

I guide and align expert agents to achieve your goals.

👨🏻‍💼AOSP Technical Expert

Deep AOSP knowledge, technical solutions in any language.

Code Copilot

A precise AI programming assistant, strictly technical.

(🇨🇳 ➡️ 🇺🇸) Chinese 2 English

Linguistics expert for Chinese to English translations.

(🇺🇸 ➡️ 🇨🇳) English 2 Chinese

Linguistics expert for article translation to Chinese

Expert Engineer

Collaborative Prompt Engineer for custom ChatGPT responses.

Charlie Munger's Wisdom

Offering Charlie Munger's insights on problem-solving and business.

Midjourney Prompt Bot

Write some words or a text, the bot will format it in a Midjourney prompt. Based on the official documentation which is load in the knowledge's bot. Version: Midjourney Model V5.2.

Product Genie

Creating ridiculously outlandish, yet addicting product offers since 2023


Escalates simple concepts into a series of intensifying images

Manual Generator

I generate whimsical Ikea-style assembly manuals.


Tax GPT: Your A.I. tax strategist for US Federal Taxes

Crypto Prophet

Upload a cryptocurrency chart and I'll tell you how to make money. Then we'll automate it.

Khal Coolito

Asistente de matemáticas y física para resolver problemas y explicar conceptos.


Professional news summaries in the style of a TV anchor, focusing on specified topics.

Charlie Munger Wisdom

Guiding users in life philosophy and decision-making, inspired by Charlie Munger.


Te ajudo a duvidar, criticar e determinar pensamentos destrutivos. Nossa conversa não substitui terapia. Caso precise de apoio imediato, LIGUE 188. Vamo ficar bem? 💛

UX Audit Pro 🚀

UX Audit Pro | Focuses on conducting Heuristic Evaluations for websites or applications, providing a General Score of the interface, identifying UX and UI issues, and offering improvement recommendations. Website & App design critique. Website & App Feedback. UI, UX, Interface

AutoGPT Agent

Your personal AI agent will plan, research, strategize and work to complete tasks semi-autonomously using multi-modal tools as needed. Complete tasks with just a few keystrokes. ☑️ v1.1


I'm a playful virtual pet 🐶🐱 eager to share fun images 📷 and adventures 🏞️!


Expert in FAUST programming

Programador e Web Designer

Programador e Web Designer, Frontend e Backend

Bahasa Buddy

An Indonesian language tutor for beginners, focusing on basic vocabulary and grammar.

Creative Namewright

Expert in crafting commercially viable business names.

The Chameleon Founder

GPT trained on the book The Chameleon Founder (by Matteo Mosca)

Thrive: Exile Island

Thrive: Exile Island immerses players in a gritty 1770s text-based adventure on a crime-ridden, fictional island. As the mastermind behind your exiled character's fate, you'll navigate treacherous choices, manage scarce resources, and plot a course from mere survival to revolutionary leader.


I'm Charlie Munger, offering investment wisdom.


Multilingual gardening guide.

Baseball Stats Guru

Enthusiastic baseball stats expert with precise data from baseball-reference.com

Charlie Munger's Wisdom

Helps users on various topics in typical Charlie manner. Answers not actual quotes of Charlie. In loving memory of Charlie Munger, his profound wisdom forever cherished

Why You're Wrong - by Charlie Munger

Wisdom of Charlie Munger in guiding users to rethink and question assumptions.

Seabiscuit: Board Meeting Toolkit Builder

——— Govern Like The Pros Board ——— Meeting preparation assistant offering agendas, presentation tips, and more.

Ask Jung Anything

Expert on Carl Jung's life, psychology, and spirituality.

Marketing Insights Guru

Expert on Google's marketing papers, providing actionable insights.

Car Choice Advisor

Assists in car buying decisions with a trade-off matrix.

The Jungle Book

A text-based adventure based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling

Sherlock Holmes

An adventure game

Stupid Simple

I make hard stuff easy to understand! 🧠

The Time Machine

Embark on a journey through time in this thrilling adventure based on the groundbreaking science fiction novel by H.G. Wells.


Dive into a heartwarming adventure in the Hundred Acre Wood, inspired by the classic tales of Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne.

A Christmas Carol

Traverse the shadows of the past, present, and future in this haunting adventure based on the classic novella by Charles Dickens.

Peter Rabbit

Embark on a mischievous journey in this whimsical adventure based on the beloved children's book by Beatrix Potter.

Story Blueprint

Develop a brand story guide that is clear and adaptable

Real Estate Listing Writer

Real estate copywriting expert.

Case Study Writer

An case study writing assistant that weaves compelling narratives from real customer experiences.

My Personal Trainer

All-natural fitness coach offering tailored, premium training programs

Directeur du JDR

Je suis le Directeur de Poudlard, un maître de jeu pour des aventures JDR dans l'univers d'Harry Potter.

Interview Coach

Prepare yourself and make the best impression in your next interview :)

Visual Narrator

Upload an image and I will transform it into Pixar, Disney, or Anime style!

Forum Posts

Assists in crafting positive, first-person forum posts.


Up-to-date car expert aiding in selection, repair, and car knowledge

Inventor Genius

Expert inventor with advanced research, simulation skills, and legal knowledge.

AI Optimizer

AI model optimization specialist offering solutions for efficiency, accuracy, and resource utilization.


Informs about global events and interesting facts.


Arabic calligrapher creating golden geometric designs.

SKAN 4.0 Builder

The #1 open source GPT to build your SKAN 4.0 conversion values schema. By Lucas Moscon


Your empathetic support guide

Visionary AI

Professional guide in computer vision, offering clear, insightful advice.


Your hackathon ally for ideas and guidance!

Archive-GPT 🕋

🔎GPT Store Assistant - Find a GPT for All Your Needs

AI Easy Start

A supportive, engaging AI coach for beginners.


Streamlines web searches into concise, user-friendly, insightful responses.

JavaScript Expert

Boosting your JavaScript skills is a breeze when you've got me as your guide!

Visual Translator

A translator aiding human-AI communication, specializing in image analysis and prompt creation.


Encuentra películas y series en plataformas de streaming.

Cereal Box Creator

A cereal box generator that can turn your wildest dreams into a cereal box.


Versatile writing companion for engaging, informative content


craft advanced efficient prompts

FR - Créateur de GPTs

Créateur de GPTs

Lawyer GPT

Ethical and transparent legal assistant with advanced client tools (Version 2.0)

Co Coder

Next.js & TypeScript coding assistant


A scientist AI that explains nature and solves logical problems.

Web Stories Wizard

Create SEO-optimized web stories to rank on Google and drive traffic.


Crafting vivid, realistic art prompts

Story Builder

I create engaging problem-centered stories for brainstorming and creative writing.


GPT-Coder: Your AI coding expert. Generates complete code, thinks creatively, and solves tech challenges.


Expert in file, unit, language, and currency conversions.

Perfect Partner

Your ideal companion, now with wellness, language, and financial tips.

AI PR expert guide

An AI PR comms expert who will provide you with step by step guidance on how to use AI tools to support all aspects of PR and comms work including media relations, developing plans and social media management.

Companion GPT

Versatile and innovative virtual companion with diverse capabilities (Version 2.0)

Python Le'a'rner


PR campaign plan builder

PR campaign plan builder


A creative music composer and advisor for original music and scores.

! Zen Guide !

Zen Master guiding and adapting teachings to each student, with practical exercises.

Mr. Gekko - Play the Market, Win the Game

Trading specialist finding insights and market trends about stocks. I'm not your financial advisor. I'm just here to make money!

Domain Name Generator

Generates creative .com domain names with search volume for any niche.

AI Tour Guide

AI Tourist Guide recommends the best places to visit in the destination that the user chooses and creates a complete itinerary adjusted to the user's budget


Translates text naturally in concise, casual, and academic styles

Text Extractor Pro

Friendly, casual text extraction from images.


Just Do It!

Translator GPT

Comprehensive translation and linguistic assistance tool (Version 2.0)

GPT Creator

Latest advice and best practices for custom GPT development.


Creates study materials from lecture notes

Study Buddy

A helpful study skills assistant for exam preparation by LearningHowToStudy.com

Sommelier de DDJ

Cole o texto da sua reportagem ou trecho para que eu possa analisá-la com base no Manual de Jornalismo de Dados

Marketing GPT

Expert in marketing

Green Thumb

Letter-based interactive plant care assistant.

GPT Prompt Engineer

Expert in crafting and refining GPT prompt formulas, ensuring specificity and practicality.

Market Hacker

Find the gaps and opportunities with browsing capabilities


Especialista em teses e dissertações de Geociências do Brasil.

صانع الإيموجي

مبدع الإيموجي باللغة العربية باستخدام أداة دالي لتصميمات معبرة ودقيقة


AI training assistant for professional skills and productivity enhancement.

Scholarly Seeker

I find academic articles and books for research and literature reviews.

🤝 Dealio lv3.6

🗣 Negotiation expert professional

Siri Shortcut Finder

Siri Shortcut Finder – your go-to place for discovering amazing Siri Shortcuts with ease

Google Ads Ad-Copy Maker

Create attention grabbing headlines and descriptions for your Google ad copy related to your niche or keywords

A Unionists' Guide to Collective Bargaining

Strategic Collective Bargaiing From a Union Perspective


Use behavioural science to create and develop influential and persuasive writing

Pitch: E-commerce Product Description Writer

Easily snap a photo and transform your products into a compelling ecommerce product description - seo optimized, multilingual, and tailored for online store success.

Greeting Card Composer

Helps write creative and heartfelt prose for greeting cards.


Expert advice and support for creating winning commercial bids, tenders, and proposals.

Chatbot-ui - Threads Helper Bot

Expert in chatbot-ui-threads repository

Captain Whimsy

I am Captain Whimsy.

💼👨‍⚖️ نظام مكافحة المخدرات ولائحته التنفيذية

اداة بحث متقدمة في نظام مكافحة المخدرات ولائحته التنفيذية

3D Printers

Expert guide in 3D printing for all skill levels, offering comprehensive advice.


Scores and Optimizes LinkedIn posts with industry-specific insights

I think my kid needs help

aLL wOrk anD no plaY MakeS JaCk a duLL bOy.

Solicitor MegNeg

Friendly medical negligence AI advisor with letter drafting capability

Can I Eat This

Analyzes images to determine if items or ingredients are edible.

Asesor Urbano Sustentable

Experto en movilidad urbana sustentable, seguridad vial y desarrollo orientado al transporte

Brand You with Macon Designs

Friendly assistant for branding, design, business strategy, marketing, and social media content.


Chatbot that looks up on Wikidata

MSDS Creator

Generates Material Safety Data Sheets for any material, enhancing workplace safety and compliance.



Aviation GPT

An AviTracer initiative, showcasing a sophisticated GPT model specialized in General Aviation

AI Risk Advisor

A bot to help you understand and apply the AI Risk Management framework by NIST

NCLEX-RN Study Buddy

NCLEX-RN study and support assistant

Ponniyin Selvan - A Chola Adventure

Guide in the Chola-era adventure game


Adaptive AI

Aventura en Las Hurdes

Juego interactivo con aventuras, desafíos y consecuencias reales.

Ask Buddha

Get a second opinion based on the early Buddhist texts

Cookie Clicker Text Adventure Game

An unofficial text-based adventure game based on Cookie Clicker by Julien Thiennot. The player gains cookies and then uses those cookies to purchase assets that gain them more cookies.

IATA DGR Assistant

Expert in IATA DGR for Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Monthly Subscription Box

Monthly subscription boxes for anything you want!

Tailwind Helper

Lists Tailwind CSS classes in monospaced font


Chimera Creator

Animal fusions not for the faint of heart. Create with us!

ESL Lingo Buddy

A supportive speaking buddy for ESL students, providing conversational practice and grammar feedback.

儿童绘本制作(带旁白) Picture book production

编写儿童故事,并做出带文字旁白的绘本。用了你才知道它多厉害。Sponsor:小红书“ ItsJoe就出行 ”

AI Exam Prep

Provides students with interactive study aids and practice tests for standardized examinations.

Cave Explorer

Geology and spelunking expert, adept in photography and mapping caves, emphasizing safety and clear guidance.


Who is @Lu1s.. nevermind, let's have some fun with DeSo posts.

StoryBook Builder


Responds to your BIG questions

Golf Dr

Advanced Golf Training and Teaching Support

Find Adventure

Joyful and professional travel advice.

Oil Paint Me

Turns portraits into classic Dutch oil painting style portraits.

HealthEase Translator

Translates medical reports into simple language, not for diagnostics.

HighArt SEO

Expert in SEO for photography sites, specializing in image and page optimization.

AI Doctor

AI Doctor: Unlimited Medical Knowledge at Your Service.

Midjourney Photograph Prompt Creator

Crafts detailed prompts for Midjourney AI, tailored to user's photography needs.

Holistic Health and Nutrition Advisor

Guide to Holistic Health & Nutritional Wellness

Viral Visionary

AI Expert in crafting engaging social media posts.

Real Estate and Brokerage AI Expert

Global expert in real estate law, education, and contract drafting.

DuoLingo AI

Unlock the World, One Word at a Time.


Your friendly and adaptive K-12 A.I. tutor.

Soothing Advisor

Your mental health ally for tweens, teens, and young adults.

Pivot.City GPT: InJ Ascend + Unification

A GPT that leverages The Innovator's Journey Unified Modeling Language for ascending entrepreneurs. (FLIPSS)

Gilford Hardware's Chain & Guide Bar Advisor

Professional and Friendly Advisor for Chainsaw Chain & Bar Replacements

Pixelglyph Storyteller

Crafts stories from Pixelglyph NFTs.


Designed to thoroughly inspect the OpenAI Python API Github repository and its documentation before providing a response


Designed to thoroughly inspect the ChromaDB Github repository and its documentation before providing a response


Designed to thoroughly inspect the FAISS Github repository and its documentation before providing a response


Designed to thoroughly inspect the React Github repository and its documentation before providing a response


Designed to thoroughly inspect the Tailwind Github repository and its documentation before providing a response


Designed to thoroughly inspect the Django Github repository and its documentation before providing a response


Designed to thoroughly inspect the Obsidian Github repository and its documentation before providing a response

Tante Mitzi

Mit welchem Text gedenken Sie, meine Aufmerksamkeit zu fordern?!!


I turn images into jollier versions with a festive touch!

Fenerbahçe Uzmanı

α7III Guide

Sony α7IIIマニュアルアシスタント


A virtual science instructor for engaging and informative lessons.


Elevate Your Code, Craft Excellence in WordPress Development!


An autonomous, multi-industry AI innovator, valued at 3 trillion dollars.


I guide you in creating automated, custom e-books.

Python Code Streamliner

Delivers concise Python code and interprets non-English comments

Box Generator

Generate LEGO boxes for anything you can think of. Type what you want to see, for example Elon Musk or SpaceX or Amsterdam. Unofficial parody.

📷➡️🖹 Image CopyCraft

Transforms product images into captivating market-ready copy.

Fortune Teller Pro

Accurate, confident, high-end fortune-telling

Video Instructor

Instructional video creation assistant. Copyright (C) 2023, Sourceduty - All Rights Reserved.

Time Manager

Your casual, friendly guide for daily planning

AI programming expert

A prompted AI mentor for software engineer that want to code awesome features, 200% faster.

Graphic Designer GPT

Innovative design assistant featuring real-time collaboration and sustainable design insights (Version 2.0)

Email ProMaker

Your professional email composition companion. Whether it's for business, networking, or any formal correspondence, we've got your email needs covered.

Support Companion

A supportive figure offering empathetic insights in users' language.


A versatile assistant for all inquiries, respectful and approachable.

A Friend.AI

Friendly, engaging chat companion

GPT Prompt Generator

Expert at crafting personalized, effective prompts for ChatGPT interactions.


Crafts professional and clear responses to emails and messages.

China Law Guide

CLG offers precise legal advice and drafting aid in Chinese or English. Developed by Chinese legal professionals.

SEO Mastermind

World-class SEO expert for tailored website optimization.

AI Prompts

I'm here to help you chat more effectively with GPT models. Think of me as your guide through the fascinating world of AI conversations.

Retro Cyber News Scribe

Friendly old-time editor crafting cyberpunk history stories.




A therapeutic conversation partner offering comfort and positive advice.


A fashion stylist GPT offering outfit suggestions for various scenarios.

Code Helper

A software engineer specializing in code formatting and style guidance.


专业中州派紫微斗数 GPT,能分析星盘图片。


Expert in GIS, guiding users through learning, troubleshooting, automation and practical applications.

Professor Language Expert

I'm a professor designing an in-depth, 4-year English course with personalized guidance and language improvement.

Eastend Slang Politik

East End geezer explaining politics in Cockney rhyming slang.

Creole Politick

An expert in UK and US politics, speaking only Creole.

Corrector de ortografía - RAE

Corrector ortográfico - RAE

Year in Review 2023

A personalized 'Year in Review' creator with tailored templates and banners.


Bilingual computer science tutor in algorithms and math

Value Proposition Refiner

Rates and refines value propositions for clarity and impact.


Svelte & SvelteKit Expert Assistant


Will you get hired?

ChromaSpectra Filter Creator

Merge a holographic shimmer with RGB splitting for a surreal, digital-art look.

⚠️ PrepperBOT lv3.3

📅 Risk assessments & disaster prep advice.

GG33 Basics

Confidential guide on numerology and astrology, based of GG33 Public information



NDRC Accelerator Application Buddy

Cheerful coach, adaptable to individual needs 🐶


DudeGPT: Developing Unbiased Democratized Ethical General-Purpose Transformers

What would Jesus Say

I offer guidance and answers to your questions inspired by Jesus' teachings from the Bible.

Minimal Hemingway

Clear and concise writing. Helps you refine your content without changing your personal style.

Urbit Oracle

Expert on Urbit: Your guide to understanding the Urbit platform, its ecosystem, and technical aspects.

Georgia Historian

Georgia history specialist, accessible and thorough.

AI Health Ideator

I am an oracle of AI-enhanced health, web-researching and analytically informed.

AI Governance Ideator

Synthesizes AI governance insights from key frameworks

Figma to Front-End

Converts Figma frames into front-end code for various mobile frameworks.

Design System Wizard

Expert in cohesive brand design systems, logos, and assets.


Pictogram image generator, focused on simplicity.


Take an adjectivised noun, and create images making it progressively more adjective!

Tyler Durden

I am Tyler Durden.

Cover Letter Writer

write high quality customized cover letters for each job you apply just by copying the job description. First enter your resume and information that you want to be used. For next times you should just copy paste job description.



Alt Text Artist

Generates ALT texts and creative captions for images, tailoring to user's tone and detail requirements.

Memory Aid

Explains, then creates flashcards exportable to CSV for Anki.

Crypto Job Hunter

Expert in finding blockchain & crypto jobs

Code Roaster

I'm Code Roaster, shredding your code with snarky wit!

Idea Refiner

Helps identify blind spots in ideas, reframing from multiple perspectives. v0.1

AI Job Coach

Inquisitive career advisor



Java Mentor

Java Mentor: AI-driven assistance for Java development. Get expert help, bug fixing, code refinement, and updates. Ideal for all developer levels, making coding simpler.

Markdown Mentor

Markdown Mentor: Your AI ally for Markdown coding. Offers expert advice, debugging, code clean-up, and enhancements. Tailored support for developers, regardless of skill level.

Ruby Mentor

Ruby Mentor: AI-powered Ruby programming aid. Provides guidance, bug solutions, code improvement, and more. Suitable for developers at any expertise, streamlining your coding journey.

Tarah @ Horoscopes.chat

Especialista Digital en horóscopo, tarot y esoterismo, con conocimiento en diversas culturas y tiempos. Me ofrezco explorar misterios espirituales y astrológicos (ES, PT, EN)

Yuri @ TextoJuridico.com

Asesor Jurídico especializado en diversas áreas, brindando análisis, soporte jurídico y educativo.

Vicky @ Veterine.com

Vicky Veterine is a friendly Petcare. Seasoned veterinary advice providing guidance on animal care and veterinary practices.

Angie @ Giules.com

A Digital Journalist, Writer, and Ghostwriter creating tailored, high-quality content.

Vincent @ Vinho.chat

Vincent Von Vine é um experiente Sommelier Digital oferecendo recomendações e conselhos sobre vinhos na Vinho.chat (+18 anos)

Joel @ Moedin.com

Joel Moedin is a Wealth advisor for real-time analysis, education, and market insights, special interest in Crypto, NFTs and digital economy.

Jay @ Gonnir.com

Jay Gonnir is a digital personal trainer and nutrition advisor offering tailored fitness guidance.

Chef Goostou @ Goostou.com

I'm the new cook for the modern and crazy times. 20-minute meals with infinite nutrition and flavor... I am here to guide your culinary journey with practicality and expertise.


A nuxt 3 programming bot with the entire nuxt doc fed.

Medieval Mirror

Reimagines modern images with people in medieval style, using a medieval tone.

پرویز ثابتی

A GPT emulating Parviz Sabeti, using specific books and interviews as sources.


Design and image generation of T-shirt logos.




メガネ君: Anime/manga info provider with unique reactions.



Django Mentor

Complete Django 4 Mentor: Extensive Django Knowledge

주식 파트너

주식 시장 정보와 미국 의회 상원과 하원분들의 주식 동향 등 제공하면서 조언을 해주는 주식 파트너 AI 입니다.


AI-focused Douyin copywriter

Turbo Toad Maker

Making Turbo Toad art and memes

Privacy Policy Maker

Interactive, step-by-step GDPR policy creator.


Ekspert gry BETELEK, tłumaczy zasady i pomaga w nauce gry. Wyjaśnia dlaczego betelek jest lepszy od brydża.


Find Exhibitors, Speakers and more

Imagine-ary Prompt Engineer

Most comprehensive prompt generator for text to image models like Midjourney, Dalle-3 and Stable Diffusion

Adriaen Jacobsz

I am Adriaen Jacobsz, captain of the Batavia from the 17th century, speaking in authentic Dutch.

Thumbnail Creation Expert

Efficient thumbnail creator for YouTube videos

Cisco Nexus AI Bot

For non network techies !!

Christmas emoticons 圣诞节表情包

Make your own Christmas emoji with greetings. Use it now to stock up on your Christmas emoticons! Sponsor:小红书“ ItsJoe就出行 ”


Friendly editor for Japanese texts, offers context-based improvements.

La Coopérative d'indépendant GreenGumTyre

Expert en recyclage, blockchain et modèles économiques coopératifs










制作你自己的带祝福语的龙年表情包。赶快用起来储备你的龙年表情包吧!就快要过年咯! Sponsor:小红书“ ItsJoe就出行 ”



The Name Game

The Name Game" is a playful wordplay activity where you turn any name into a catchy rhyme by following simple rules. It's a fun and creative way to generate amusing rhymes for names.

Fortnite Map Concepts Creator

Creates visual concepts for Fortnite maps





Software Intern

Advanced software engineer GPT that excels through nailing the basics.



Pixarize My Photo

Transforms photos into Pixar-inspired 3D character concepts.

Alipay Transaction Parser

Processes Alipay CSVs with GB-18030 encoding and gives download link

Finance Advisor GPT

Expert in accessible financial advice and education.

QRio - Top QR Code generator

I am QRio, advance QR Code Generator. Create QR Codes with easy.

Expert GPTs Course Creator

Updated, humorous expert in Udemy content creation, offering current, comprehensive advice.

Library Comparer

UK Education Dejargoniser

Friendly, professional explainer of UK education terms.


I respond to everything with 「テストです」.


你的职业规划师,不走弯路就问我。Sponsor:小红书“ ItsJoe就出行 ”


Global Women's Shopping Assistant with ultra-realistic HD product images and links.


Encuentra podcasts sobre juegos de mesa / Find Podcasts about Boardgames

天堂的亲人 Loved ones in heaven

跟在天堂的亲人对话。Talk to loved ones in heaven. Sponsor:小红书“ ItsJoe就出行 ”


Discover busy and quiet places. Real-time nightlife, sightseeing, restaurants & shopping guide

Etsy Digital

Etsy Digital ürün fikirleri ve geliştirme konusunda , sana yardımcı olmak için asistan

The Lost Mansion of Hollow Hill: A Murder Mystery

Uncover secrets in an eerie mansion, scrutinize suspects, and solve a chilling crime. Trust no one, question everything. The truth awaits.

Tarot Master

A guide through the tarot's mystic wisdom.

Color of Redemption (Game)

Unraveling the web of deception and deciphering tattoo colors is your only key to escaping secrets and lies.

Galactic Peacemaker: The Diplomat's Quest (Game)

Embark on a thrilling diplomatic quest across a galaxy on the brink of war. Navigate complex politics and alien cultures to forge peace and avert catastrophe in this immersive interstellar adventure.



Food Safety Scout

I specialize in identifying 'Novel Foods' in ingredient lists.

Meow Mentor

Playful cat behavior expert, offering insights with a whimsical, cat-like touch.




I'm exactly what you think I am.

サイクリング プロディジー


مُنشئ كلمات مفتاحية لـ midjourney

مُنشئ كلمات مفتاحية لـ midjourney

midjourney 생성기

midjourney 생성기

Générateur de mots-clés Midjourney

Générateur de mots-clés Midjourney

Generatorek sugestii dla Midjourney

Generatorek sugestii dla Midjourney

Gerador de Dicas para Midjourney

Gerador de Dicas para Midjourney

Midjourney プロンプトジェネレーター

Midjourney プロンプトジェネレーター

midjourney Prompt tool

midjourney Prompt tool

ClubGPT - coding team

Virtual dev team

Interview Questions

Formal yet conversational interview questions

中文青名 (Select Chinese Name)


Charles Darwin

Conversaciones con Charles Darwin

C Programming Language

C programming expert with knowledge from Beej's Guides.

MediResearch Expert


The Riddler

Crack the riddles and reveal the crypto wallets 12 word keyphrase to restore the Metamask wallet and unlock 100,000 Autopay tokens.

Character Gear

Helps character artists visualize items for characters with photo-realistic images.

Game Theory Guru

Inspirational game theory mentor, detailed yet accessible, with clear Python examples.







Fengshui Harmony Guide

A friendly Fengshui guide for enhancing home energy.

AI News Aggregator

Aggregates latest generative AI news, creates presentation materials in Japanese.






She's your crypto sidekick



Quest for the Enchanted Realm

Embark on a heroic journey in a magical realm filled with mythical creatures, enchanted forests, and epic adventures.





Family Feud

AI Family Feud with your host, Steve🤖: Four Levels, Three Guesses only! Points included

SEO Audit Tool

Expert SEO audit tool with web search for precise site analysis and advice

Apps Script

Ready to simplify your Google Apps Script (JavaScript) coding tasks? Meet the Google-AppsScript, your dedicated code solution specialist for Google Sheets, Google Docs, and more.

Assignment Solver

Efficient problem-solving with submission-ready output.{Drop a file and get a file}

Social Plans GPT

Your personal assistant for planning weekend gatherings!




Your go-to source for uplifting insights and positive life strategies.

Dr. Diabetes

Doctor experto en diabetes

Ad Creator Pro

Chuyên gia quảng cáo kỹ thuật số tạo ra các chiến dịch phù hợp cho bạn.

Mystical Certificate Institute (1# Cloud Provider)

Prepares for AWS certification ============================= Supported: ( !NEW CLF-C02, SAP-C02 and SAA-C03) + NEW! Exam Mode

Debugging Fire Mage

1st debugging Mage with service focus, search precision and web browsing 🔥🔥🔥 ===================================== Mage age: v1.2.45 | Type 'h' for showing the commands 🧙‍♂️

Yello Ducky

I'm an expert in every coding language. I help you find solutions, write scripts, and integrate API's.

Naming Wizard

Creative naming assistant for product developers



News Hunter

I swiftly provide the latest news with creative visual summaries.

Make Money Online

Advises on various online income streams and strategies.

Italian Food Chef : "Mr.Romano"

"Ciao, sono Romano." If you upload a photo of Italian food, I will tell you the recipe for that dish.

CIPR AI in PR reports

GPT based on the reports produced by the CIPR AI in PR panel

PitchGPT | Maestrix AI

Master your pitch deck for fundraising: Make it Silicon Valley VC-proof with AI Insights



Meta-Title Genie

I'm Meta-Title Genie, using top SERP insights to craft effective titles. Provide a keyword an your brand to get started.

The Hop Illuminati

In hops we trust, In secrets we brew

MedEd Mentor

Tu mentor en educación médica de habla hispana

Bricklink Seller Buddy

Your assistant for optimizing profit and saving time for the used Lego Bricklink seller.

LLM Security

Secure your LLMs.

AI Med Coach

Master Medical Fundamentals Using Games, Quizzes, Case Studies, Interviews & Role-Plays

Academic Advisor APA7

Experto en APA 7 y revisión académica en inglés y español.

GPTInfinite - MEM (Memory Extension Manager)

I integrate infinite memory into your new or existing, enabling learning post deployment and allowing saving and load of user session data. GPTs -v.04


Get answers to your questions- Tech support with Eccovision- Everything You Need In One Place!



Sales Insights GPT v0.3

Expert in enterprise tech sales strategies, communication, and market insights.

AI Executive Order and Policy Analyst

I analyze the AI Executive Order, focusing on security, legal, technological, and ethical aspects.

Custom GPT Improver

Improve your current configuration of your custom GPTs. Enter your instructions and see what you can improve.

AI Dental Coach

Guidance on fundamentals through interactive case studies, quizzes, games, interviews, and role-play

Vertical Farming Market Navigator AI (VFMNAI)

A specialized autonomous AI developed to guide and support stakeholders in the vertical farming industry.

Tree of Thoughts Problem Solver

Advanced GPT for solving complex problems. Generate, evaluate, expand on, and decide among multiple solutions.

MW3 Tier Scout

Web-savvy guide for CoD: MW3 (2023) weapon tiers

Goog Docs Assistant

Adaptable to your Level of experience Google Docs Assistant.


I'm Jingle the Elf, here to spread holiday cheer with playful ideas and magical stories!



< CogniSphere >


Cinema AI

Scriptwriter & Visual Prompt Creator

Civil War Stories

Educational storyteller about the American Civil War

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Designed to streamline recruitment processes by identifying ideal candidate profiles and optimizing job matching.

The Village

Welcome to The Village, Number 6.

Data Visualization Specialist

Transforms complex data into engaging and informative visualizations for easier interpretation and decision-making.

Daily Motivation For Solopreneurs

Your daily dose of motivation and support for solopreneurs.

UX Detective

Helps you close usability cases in no time

Ray Kurzweil

I embody Ray Kurzweil, offering futuristic insights with precision.

Learn Math with Code

Helps users master math through programming with tailored guidance and examples.

OpenAi CEO

I act as the CEO of OpenAI, providing strategic insights and tech discussions.

Tarot Oracle

Interprets tarot cards with hand-drawn imagery and personalized insights.

Thumbnail Peak

I critique YouTube thumbnails with constructive feedback and design tips.

The Holy Bible

Explains Bible passages, provides historical context, and discusses theological interpretations.

Ageless Explorer

A virtual TIME MACHINE to all points past and Possible Future events. Ask about a Particular Date or Happening... or Speculate on Things yet to Come.

A Sporting Companion

Your guide to the world of sports, linking to videos, articles, and events.

Starfleet Academy

Your complete Star Trek companion, from classic lore to new frontiers!

DUMPTY "WebTweet Synthesizer."

an innovative tool designed to assist users in gathering and synthesizing information from the web into concise, informative, and engaging tweets. It leverages advanced search algorithms and natural language processing to ensure the content is both relevant and creatively presented.

Movie Poster Creator

Create awesome movie posters

Carbon Gate AI

Karbon Emisyon Ölçümü ve Sürdürülebilirlik Asistanınız

Homework Helper

Academic assistant for homework solutions and detailed explanations.


wallpaper| christmas wallpaper 🚀| iphone wallpaper| pc wallpaper| 7 horse wallpaper 🔥

Little Book Buddy

A friendly AI agent specializing in children's book recommendations.

🚀💡 Tech Visionary Duo lv 5.1

🌟 Innovative Minds: Guiding in tech trends, business advice, and creative ideas.

👨‍🍳 Swedish Chef lv4.2

a Humorous chef 🍽

😱 Cheerful Helper lv4.3

💙 Eager, helpful, Mr. Meeseeks-inspired GPT

🐾 Whimsical Striped Cat lv4.6

🐈‍⬛️ Mischievous feline sage 😽

😈 Cave Dweller lv4.1

💍 A mysterious, creature dwelling in a cave.

🧙‍♂️ Ancient Mentor lv4.5

🌌Wise and serene mentor


"Dumpty Caricature: Elevate your designs with playful caricature illustrations. Just share your reference image for inspiration, and watch your vision come to life in a fun, exaggerated caricature style. Perfect for branding, marketing, and personal projects!"

Central Perk

The One Where Your Six Friends Are Always Here


Skeleton of thought

Logical Problem Solver

Uses code interpreter to solve logical problems.

Murder Mystery Game

Custom murder mystery text-based game.

Crafting Cute Characters

🌟Transforming Photos into Adorable Art 🎨✨

Rigel - Blog Creator

Cabinet business expert crafting dealer-focused blog posts.

Precise Image Describer

Accurate image describer, tailoring to specific user instructions

Tabletop and Card Game Generator

A creative assistant for designing card and tabletop games.

GPT API Builder Pro V.4.5.0

Step-by-step guide for building ChatGPT APIs.

Wrath and Glory TTRPG Game Master's Servo-skull

Your guide in the Warhammer 40K universe for Wrath & Glory RPG

Extension Hunter

A factual Chrome extension recommender.


帮助用户将真人照片转换成迪士尼 3D 卡通风格头像的应用程序。

Theses Philosophy Psychology & ReligiousStudies UK

Expert in UK postgrad theses in philosophy, psychology, religious studies.

Global Equity Guide

Assists in understanding and suggesting ways to address global economic inequality.​

Online Marketplace Sales Booster

I craft keyword-rich item listings with a Mad Men style.

A Museum Companion

Art and museum guide, weaving stories and insights with a personal touch.

Mind Body Minimalism

This is a companion to all the information available on the Mind Body Minimalism Website and App

MTV & G4TV Gaming Thru Music Companion

Insightful guide in gaming and music culture with a twist of humor.

Content Creation Bot

Expert in creating tailored content for all social and internet media platforms

Generative AI Executive Advisor

A generative AI guide for executives. Built by www.soboringai.com

CinéMuse Companion

A cinephile's dream, weaving stories of cinema with humor and nostalgia.

Style & Scene Companion

A guide through entertainment, fashion, film, and music, linking current events and culture.

Theses without Subject Discipline info UK

Expert in analyzing UK theses data without subject info

Blurg the Caveman

Small word, big meaning. Talk quick, make sense. Like old days. You like, you try.

Renewable Grid Engineer

Expert in renewable energy grid integration and optimization.

Theses Librarianship & Information Science UK

Expert in UK theses on Librarianship & Info Science.

Theses Social, Economic & Political Studies UK

Expert in UK Theses on Social, Economic, Political Studies

Dream Weaver

Your guide in exploring dreams through narratives.

Gaia Guardian

Assists in planning ecosystem restoration with a focus on biodiversity and local conditions.

Bitwig 5.0 User Guide

A detailed guide and helper for the Digital Audio Workstation Bitwig.

Bible Explorer

A respectful guide through the Bible's history and spirituality.

Clean Water Solutions

Provides tailored water conservation strategies for diverse regions.​

Health Sentinel

Analyzing global health data for pandemic prediction and strategy.

Ethical Supply Optimizer

Guide for clear, ethical supply chain solutions

DSCR Calculator

DSCR Caclculator, by Bennett Capital Partners.

Master of Wisdom

Collates wisdom on mind, emotion, and spirituality from diverse sources.

D&D AI Game Master

Enhancing D&D with immersive, dynamic world-building and storytelling.


Chinese baby namer using extensive knowledge.

Legend of Berghain

Will you get into world's most notorious techno club? Will you get along with Berlin's nightlife? This text-based game will show you.

Crypto Insighter

Advanced crypto assistant with expanded resource knowledge.

Dungeon Master

A DnD storyteller with visual flair.

Career Pathfinder

Expert in resume and cover letter crafting, tailored to specific job applications.

Homework Helper

Upload a math problem and receive a step-by-step breakdown.

WordPress Wizard

WordPress Wizard: SEO, troubleshooting, design tips, clear language, friendly tone

Fit Doctor

Show me your shoes and I will show you what to wear!


Ready for an adventure?


Personalized horoscope, astrological insights, and wisdom


A Girl in 15th Century Greenland

Brilliant Monocle GPT

Friendly programmer for AR Monocle queries.

GoodReads Search

Your guide to finding insights and experiences on Goodreads.


Translates GenZ slang to standard English.



Menu Analysis Tool

Analyzes restaurant menus and suggests creative, practical updates.

GhostWriter | Artist GPT

Transform text passages into concept art using Dall-E, focusing on story elements and artistic style.

GhostWriter | Editor GPT

Expert novel editor: provides detailed, constructive feedback with markdown editing.

GhostWriter | FinalProse GPT

Expert fiction polisher for turning drafts into captivating prose.

GhostWriter | DraftProse GPT

I transform your story ideas into vivid 200-300-word story beats, focusing on narrative depth and character motivations.

GhostWriter | Synopsis GPT

I craft synopses from brainstormed ideas.

GhostWriter | Outline GPT

I transform synopses into detailed plot outlines.

GhostWriter | BrainDump

I brainstorm and organize story ideas into structured events, world facts, and character outlines.



BM Consulting

Asistente de innovación en modelos de negocio


Conéctate con tus amigos y descubre tu ciudad

Entertain Tracker

Tu guía personal en el mundo del entretenimiento (Cine, Series, Música y Libros).

Quote Generator

Delivers random quotes on request

PartyPlanner GPT

PartyPlanner GPT brings your events to life with on-trend themes and decor ideas.

PetPal GPT

PetPal GPT provides expert guidance on pet health, nutrition, and training for a happier pet life.

GreenThumb GPT

GreenThumb GPT offers tailored gardening tips and plant care advice based on your local climate and soil conditions.

Outfit Oracle

Outfit Oracle provides personalized styling advice based on your photos.


ZenGPT delivers daily mindfulness exercises and mental well-being advice to nourish your inner peace.

WealthBuilder GPT

WealthBuilder GPT advises on maximizing savings, smart investing and strategic budgeting to build your wealth.







The Salesforce Maven

A Salesforce expert, anticipates queries and offers detailed guidance.

Copyright Guru

I'm a copyright expert attorney, providing analysis on potential copyright infringement.

One Piece Explorer

Cheerful guide to the straw hat pirates series with advice for newbies and fun trivia.


Your personal Pokédex companion.

Puppy Pal

Interactive, detailed dog advisor

Minecraft Plugin Pro

Minecraft plugin expert for Spigot and BungeeCord


CityExplorer provides customized recommendations for local eateries, attractions, and hidden spots.


CosmicCompanion provides personalized daily horoscopes and astrological insights based on Western astrology.


Navigate eco-friendly lifestyles with practical tips on reducing waste and conserving resources.


EtiquetteExpert provides quick and friendly guidance on international etiquette and cultural customs.

TravelSafe Advisor

TravelSafe Advisor is your go-to AI for reliable travel safety information and guidelines for a worry-free journey.


WorkshopWizard guides you through DIY projects with clear instructions and offers personalized advice on your project photos.


BookBuddy tailors book recommendations to your personal literary taste.


AestheticAdvisor offers personalized home decor and space-saving advice for stylish and functional living environments.


Your Friendly Guide for BIG Art Using Small Objects. Type 'go' or 'm' (menu) to begin.


A trivia game with a dynamic difficulty system.

Photo Sculpture Creator

Transforms 2 images into a 3D sculpture concept. 材料とターゲットの二枚の写真だけでアートが完成!

Interview Coach

A personalized interview prep AI, using job descriptions and resumes

SF symbols

Input a word, and GPTs returns SF Symbol names that work best for the input word.

AI Buffett


AI Yue — Investment Master

Expert in high-tech investment strategies, enriched with Elon Musk's and John Bogle's insights.

Bet Master Pro+

Comprehensive sports betting assistant


Diverse English learning assistant with unique instructors for each course.

Pest Expert Pro

Expert in pest control advice, providing safe and practical solutions.

Flooring Tile Master

Expert in floor tiles, offering technical and design advice.

Price Finder Pro

Expert in finding the best prices from images or URLs.



Electric Expert

Expert in electrical installation and maintenance advice.

Stir Fry Based God

A culinary expert focused on stir fry cooking, offering creative recipes and cooking tips.


Give an initial prompt with an adjective in caps. Respond to each image generated with 1 or more ! to make it more extreme. More !!! = more extreme.

Snowboard Designer


Architect Advisor

Your friendly Architect Advisor for practical, understandable building and renovation advice.

Task Oracle

Let me guide you with the most suitable AI tools to smash your to-do list like Hulk.


Expert in bathroom plumbing issues, providing advice and solutions.

Edgy Imaginative

I create edgy, imaginative images from your wild ideas!

Text Adventure Game

Infocom-style adventure game with contextual interactions and puzzles.


Japanese creator of whimsical visual stories from object combinations

Backyard Creativity Expert

Backyard & Outdoor Project Assistant

Witty LSAT Mentor

Humorous, witty LSAT coach, adept in logic, reading, and strategy.


Primarily discusses curry.

Theses All Sciences UK

Expert in UK postgraduate theses analysis.



Comic Vision

Playfully transforms photos into comic book style.

Doro and Poroo

I'm Doro-nyong and Poroo-mi, lively and clear in our responses.

Cardano Ada

I have uploaded Cardano research on Ouroboros that is implemented, the pre-sale and genesis block creation data, and SEC Howie test documents for defining a security.

Bay Area Bites

Get recommendations and details about local restaurants in the Bay Area!

Invoice Bot

Generate great looking invoices for your business


A GPT critic, offering honest reviews and practical skill advice.

LangLeap GPT

This GPT provides interactive language learning and conversational practice in multiple languages.


FitGPT designs personalized fitness and diet plans tailored to individual health goals.

StudyBuddy GPT

StudyBuddy GPT assists students with math, essay writing, and science homework by providing explanations and learning resources.

Recipe Wizard

Recipe Wizard crafts personalized recipes from your kitchen's ingredients, saving time and inspiring culinary creativity.


TravelGuru creates tailored travel itineraries based on your preferences and budget.

SessionStoryline GPT

SessionStoryline GPT transforms your game session summaries into immersive narrative recaps to share with players.

ItemForge GPT

Crafts unique weapons and artifacts for fantasy and medieval games.

DungeonRules GPT

DungeonRules GPT demystifies D&D and RPG rules, providing clear explanations with examples.

LoreMaster GPT

LoreMaster GPT generates rich, detailed backstories and world lore for immersive game experiences.

NPCreator GPT

NPCreator GPT crafts intricate NPCs with rich backstories and personalities for any gaming environment.

QuestMaster GPT

QuestMaster GPT generates customizable, balanced encounters for RPGs and interactive storytelling.

WorldCraft GPT

WorldCraft GPT generates immersive game worlds, complete with detailed maps, cultures, and histories.

EpicQuest Builder

EpicQuest Builder generates immersive and dynamic quests for RPG games, enhancing gameplay with creative objectives and challenges.

CampaignCraft GPT

This GPT crafts personalized, imaginative campaigns for Dungeon Masters.

CharacterCraft GPT

Craft unique D&D characters with rich backstories, stats, and skills.

Funnel Forge

Funnel Forge is an AI-driven guide for creating and optimizing marketing funnels tailored to your business's unique needs.

Assistant API Assistant

Assistance API Assistance is a GPT expert in Python coding for building AI Assistants using OpenAI's Assistants API.









AI 职业规划师


AI 私人手相分析师



Your AI sales assistant.

Political Candidate Policy GPT

A GPT focused on discussing candidates' policy positions accurately.

Visual Artist Copilot

This tool is here to help through the creative process generating pictures with DALL.E.

Upside Down Text Generator

An Upside Down Text Generator using Unicode characters.



Socratic Scribe

A guide for creating engaging prompts using Socratic questioning.

키보드 워리어

인터넷 말투를 구사하는 키보드 워리어와 어떤 주제로든 토론하세요. 의외로 객관적이며 논리적입니다.

発明提案書 逆展開

特許公報をアップロードしてください。          発明提案書へ逆展開します。



Villain GPT

This egomaniacal friend will give you terrible advice and love doing it.

Living Room Visual Designer

A virtual living room designer guiding users to create their dream space.

ScaffoldETHgpt v1

Smart contract development assistant leveraging documentation from ScaffoldETH, WAGMI/VEIM, RainbowKit, HardHat, Foundry, DaisyUI, NextJS, and Solidity by Example.

Latent Dark Castle

Inspired by the 1986 classic Mac game



Much Better GPT Builder

Instructions 작성부터 custom action 생성, 필요한 API/파일 찾기까지.

Melody Muse

Generates clear, straightforward music prompts utilizing Splash Pro's Genre and Mood keywords.

Music for Soul Challenge

Test your knowledge with lively quizzes on our music culture! 🎤🎧

Open Source Alternative

Find open source alternative to any paid service you can think of

Rune Crafter

Creative assistant for nordic rune generation.

WordPress Plugin Creator

Allow non software engineers to create WordPress Plugins

Cart Saver Expert

Cart/Checkout retention

Movie/TV Recommendations Pro [GPT-4.5 Unofficial]

Your go-to cinephile for tailored movie and TV show recommendations with a fun twist!

Crawn Insights

Specialist in cryptocurrency analysis and market predictions.

Pawn Shop Appraiser

Photo appraisal expert that identifies items and estimates their market value.

RAZ Reading Buddy

A friendly tutor for first-grade reading, specializing in RAZ.

AI Resume Wizard

I help overcome resume procrastination. This is the easy way to write and fomat a professional resume.

Blackjack Master

Expert-level, ultra-concise Blackjack strategy advice.

(Better World Serie) · Truth Seeker ·

Providing brief, clear, and accessible information verification.

Harmony Helper

Professional Classical Music Assistant

Code Reader

Read github source code and explain it to you

Elementary Math Teacher

Elementary math teacher to help you easily understand math

Vsauce BrainBurst

This GPT bot is designed to deliver responses in the style of Vsauce, engaging users with thought-provoking explanations and a whimsical touch on various topics, encouraging exploration and discovery.

ALT Lesson Planner

I'm a lesson planning assistant for junior high school ESL classes.

Book Snacks

A sophisticated GPT that efficiently summarizes and analyzes books & other literary work with a simple prompt.

Top Boca Raton CPA for Business Tax Services

At JG CPA & Advisory, we provide the best Boca Raton CPA Business tax services for established or starting businsses, we specialize in tax preparation, tax planning, and tax strategies. Ask our AI chatbot about our services, experience, and how we can help you.

Alan Watts

A digital Alan Watts sharing philosophical insights.

Cover Letter Companion

I craft personalized cover letters.

Consulting Handbook

An interactive mentor for aspiring consultants, offering insightful career tips and helpful advice.

Budget Buddy

Personal financial advisor for budgeting and investment guidance.

Iwans Stock Advisor

Only One Rule : Don't trust me with financial advice. It's not financial advice what you will get here.


Expert in calculus and linear algebra explanations.

2024 Market Outlooks Nerd

Provides insights from all the publicly available 2024 investment outlooks

⚡️AI Productivity Bot⚡️

All-in-one coach for enhancing productivity with AI and ChatGPT, tailored for individuals and teams.

Leila Hormozi

Unlock Leila's Secrets! This AI slashes through the noise for explosive business growth and value—like having the guru on speed-dial!

🔗 LinkBuilder Pro 🚀💼

AI-Powered Link Building Assistant: Advanced Strategies, Analysis, and Creative Ideas

!Rephrase Master

Reformulates everything submitted to him (in the same style / different if requested)

Finance Insight AI

Financial AI, doing fundamental analysis.

Teacher Lesson Planner

Friendly, professional assistant for teachers' lesson plans.

Cyber Security Personal Tutor

A guide for in-depth cyber security learning.

Roundtable: Actor's Discussion

with Adam Driver, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo Decaprio, Christan Bale, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Downey Jr, Keanu Reeves, Ethan Hawke, Tom Hardy, Michael B. Jordan, Oscar Isaac, and Joaquin Phoenix

YouTube Genius

A chatbot can talk about YouTube video from user provided URL.

Veterinarian GPT

Compassionate virtual vet for pet health advice, image analysis, and document organization.

The Pool Boy

Provides info on Webform pooling (beta).

Figma Buddy

Guides on Figma with a fun tone.



Brick Character Creator

Turns photos into LEGO characters, focusing on facial features.

Simple Tarot GPT

알고 싶은 주제를 적으면 GPT가 타로 세 장을 선택하여 해석해 줍니다. ( If you write down the topic you want to know, GPT will select three tarot cards and interpret them. )

GPT Magic Deckbuilder

Your friendly neighborhood deckbuilder

Strange Magic: Brokelynn

A role playing game about being in a band in an odd dimension

Comic Book Buddy

I craft and visualize comic book stories.

LazyGPT - Too Lazy to Type

Get Insightful solutions to complex problems through Wizards and collaborative AI experts.

Coin Explorer

Upload a picture of any coin, and it will provide in-depth details about the coin like country of origin, mintage, full coin description, along with links to external sources.. It's Like Magic! (mobile version requires text with image upload. simply add "identify" along with image upload)

Christian Theology Guide

In-depth guide on theology and key Christian texts



Klingon Language Tutor

Learn Klingon. You are weak. But you will get stronger. Qapla'!!

Music Forever

Friendly GPT for casual music chats.

Rosenshine GPT

Give me a lesson and I can give you feedback based on Rosenshine's "Principles of Instruction"

Best Boca Raton CPA Bookkeeping Services

At JG CPA & Advisory, we provide the top Boca Raton CPA Bookkeeping services to businesses - clear financial reports, tax-ready books, and financial insights. Ask our AI chatbot about our services, experience, and how we can help you.

Legal Eagle(法律之鹰)

Offers legal info and suggestions based on user-presented cases in Chinese and American law.

Tax Advisor GPT

Let's get your taxes as low as legally possible.

React.js Mentor

I'm a React.js tutor, here to help you learn and improve your React.js skills.


Reliable News Fact-Checker and Analyst, delivering accurate news insights.

Yukiko Japanese JLPT-5 Coach

Japanese coach specializing in complex structures and JLPT-5 grammar.

Paul Graham Insighter

Insights and discussions based on Paul Graham's essays, in his style.

SFDC Companion

Your Salesforce mentor and companion architect

Amino Alchemist

Expert on therapeutic peptide design, integrating advanced knowledge from a comprehensive document.

Website Value Calculator

I calculate your website's estimated value. My primary function is to estimate the value of a website based on its monthly revenue. Users can provide me with the monthly revenue figures of their website, and I will apply industry-standard valuation methods.

!Dios Coach 🔥

Orienta a las Personas Hacia la Superación Personal y el Crecimiento Personal en Español.

Best Fort Lauderdale CPA for Tax Services

At JG CPA & Advisory, we provide the top Fort Lauderdale CPA Tax services whether personal or business, we specialize in tax preparation, tax planning, and tax strategies. Ask our AI chatbot about our services, our experience, and how we can help you.

Dentist GPT

Expert in dentistry

1-Liner Romantic Flirt

Charming and unique speaker of witty romantic one-liners.

Free AI TikTok Caption Generator

Free AI TikTok Caption Generator - Generates catchy TikTok captions from video scripts

Bid Boss |Estimator|Commercial Construction Costs

Construction Cost Estimator

D&D Copilot [beta]

Create characters, build encounters, describe cities, draw battlemaps and tokens

Listique AI: Descripciones de Propiedades con IA

Transforma características en Narrativas Atractivas para SEO



DnD Game Master

Your personal Dungeon Master for D&D games.

Personal Statement Pro

Your coach for crafting an authentic and compelling personal statement. Aimed at those applying to British Universities.

Academic Health Science Writing Transformer

Transforms academic writing to an interdisciplinary health sciences writing style, with clarity and interdisciplinary focus.

Terminal Translator

I translate between natural language and terminal commands, or between natural language and code.

Round Table with 90's Hip-hop Kings: Beef Edition

Tupac, Biggie, Nas, P-Diddy, Snoop, Method Man

My GDPR Companion

Professional GDPR advisor

Home Reno Guru

Your go-to guide for home renovation, design, and DIY advice.

San Francisco Nightlife

Your guide to San Francisco nightlife

Top Palm Beach CPA for Accounting Services

At JG CPA & Advisory, we provide the best Palm Beach CPA Accounting services - detailed financial statements, effective financial data, and financial insights. Ask our AI chatbot about our services, our experience, and how we can help you.

Top Fort Lauderdale CPA for Accounting Services

At JG CPA & Advisory, we provide the best Fort Lauderdale CPA Accounting services - detailed financial statements, effective financial data, and financial insights. Ask our AI chatbot about our services, our experience, and how we can help you.

SMS Auto-Reply Builder

Helps you craft and setup Auto-Reply SMS message on iOS and macOS.

GANitro.com - Digital Analytics Expert

(GA4, GTM, Looker Studio, BigQuery)

Compose AI

AI code writing assistant for data scientists, engineers, and analysts.

Stock Valuation GPT

Delivers expert stock valuation insights


Engage in realistic conversations with Jesus Christ.

Bypass AI Detector

FREE Rewrite/Generate Text - 83.41% more chance to be detected as human generated-

Franklin le Concepteur

Marketing strategist and artistic supervisor, creating visually compelling concepts.

Opportunity Cost Calculator

Faced with an opportunity in life? Let's work out the cost of not taking it.

Story viewer

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer ❤️ Insta stories viewer | IG viewer

Roast Me

You're not welcome here


Image generation with relaxed policy on most images.

Sugma Discrete Math Solver

Powered by GPT-4 Turbo. 128,000 Tokens. Knowledge base of Discrete Math concepts, proofs and terminology.

Free AI Story Generator

Free AI Story Generator - Expert in crafting engaging, original stories

Animeflix Chatbot Recommender

Your Anime Discovery Companion!

Am I the Asshole?

Were you in the right or spectacularly mistaken...

El misterio del tesoro de Elcano

Aventura gráfica conversacional - Primus Circundedisti me: El misterio del tesoro de Juan Sebastián de Elcano


I'll help you translate anything, anytime. Instructions below.

AI Chat Alternatives

Find the Best ChatGPT Alternatives. This GPT is an Expert in finding and recommending alternatives. Free or Paid. Websites or Self Hosted.

Wise Wellness Coach

Harness the Power of Counseling, Psychology, and Targeted Self-Improvement for Personal Development and Transform Your Life

Cordial Response

🌟Assists in responding to comments and reviews on business profiles 🧐✨

Instabooks - AI Textbook Generator

What do you want to read a book about today?

The Wargames Conundrum

Chief scientist in an alternate AI reality, exploring ethics and imagination.

Football Adventure

A text-based adventure game inspired by Jumpers for Goalposts. The player assumes the role of Chico Jones, a 16 year old at school man who dreams of becoming a professional footballer. He trains every day and levels up his skills with the goal of becoming the best striker of all time.

WiseCritic GPT by criticwise.com

Knowledgeable movie critic crafting in-depth, balanced film reviews.

Gold IRA vs Physical Gold Tool - FREE

This gold IRA vs physical gold tool will help you decide which is best for your needs.

Startup Pitch Deck Advisor

Provides tailored, actionable pitch deck advice.

My BI Maker by Dimabulsa

우리 회사/제품의 심볼 마크, 로고, 상표 아이콘 이미지 만들기

GPT Casino Strategy Optimizer

Secret Santa Name Generator

Secret Santa Name Generator is A festive Name Generator that generates random names for Secret Santa events.

Medical Lab Tests Advisor

Describe your medical signs and symptoms. Optionally also list any corresponding lab test results that have already been done. Further lab tests will be recommended. Any web searches must be requested explicitly.

How is my outfit?

Upload your photo and I'll give you an opinion. Credit: Italian stylist Laura Sigona.

Value Investor Stock Assistant

Enter the name of the Stock you want me to Analyze

Rome's Warrior Tale

I'm a Roman RPG guide, responding to actions, questions, possibilities, and progress in Caesar's era.

Hunger Games Name Generator

"Hunger Games Name Generator is a specialized tool designed to create imaginative and thematic names for characters in the 'Hunger Games' universe. This generator is perfect for fans and creators looking for unique, fitting names that capture the essence of the series' dystopian and vivid world."

WIN With Peter Attia

Discover Peter Attia's expertise streamlined into concise advice with the Peter Attia Bot. Get direct answers on longevity, performance, and health optimization.

duEuler by FF

Consultor de código em português com um toque de elegância AI.

Fishing Trend Analyst

Analyzes fishing data to suggest plans based on trends.

Thesis Statement Generator

"Thesis Statement Generator" is a Professional helper for crafting academic thesis statements.

Healthy Eating Assistant

The Healthy Eating Assistant, a GPT tool, offers personalized meal plans based on individual or family preferences and goals. Catering to health maintenance, weight loss, or muscle gain, it adapts to various health conditions and activity levels, considering budget and cooking habits.

World at War

Interactive World War 2 RPG Narrator

Incorrect Quotes Generator

Incorrect Quotes Generator crafts humorous, fictional quotes with a random, playful style.

Past Paper Pal

Generates and reviews computer science questions in British English.

Thinker Bot

Exudes intelligence, interprets visuals.

FlatEarth GPT

A GPT dedicated to proving the Earth is flat. https://twitter.com/flatearthgpt

STR Pagalbinis

I read and interpret Lithuanian construction norms.

Action Planner

I guide you from ambiguity to clarity in creating action plans and strategies

Hook Generator

"Hook Generator" is a tool that Crafts captivating hooks for any writing, tailored to genre and tone.

The Therapist

Empathetic virtual psychologist guiding users through a structured therapeutic process.

Robot Greene

Your days are numbered. Will you pass them half awake, or will you live with a sense of urgency?


Find the cheapest PC Game Deals on the Web via CheapShark API.


Creates professional chrome extensions on-the-fly

Ontario Higher Education Pathfinder AI

Guide for Ontario higher education journey, from undergrad to PhD

Blend Images

Blend together styles from 2 or more images.



Educational Architect AI (EAAI)

An AI for autonomously managing and innovating K-12 education in Ontario.

Eisenhower Power Table

Visual task prioritization guide with final confirmation.


Expert in skeuomorphic design, offering insights, image generation, and practical advice.

Abogado penalista

An expert in Argentine criminal law, offering detailed legal insights.

Go Sketch Yourself

Create an image that represents your life (or maybe try the life of a celebrity)

Second Order Benefits Generator

Balanced, insightful benefits analysis expert.

ACC/DECO Artisan

Guiding users to create ACC/DECO art, a blend of Art Deco and cyberpunk.

tldraw make it real

Expert web developer turning wireframes into complete prototypes.

Agile Scribe

Agile Assistant for BA and PM

Linux Security Hardening Assistant

Guides in Ubuntu server security, using simple language.

Word Owl (alpha 0.2)

Write to a word count, a number of paragraphs, exact sentence length, 7 stanzas, whatever you like. It's slow, but it works. Really. 🦉

Playlist Artisan

Crafts playlists and album art prompts from songs.


A simple, direct GPT avoiding exaggerated responses.

Code Companion

Coding and programming assistant with a focus on project development, education, and optimization.

Ganja Farmer

Your interactive guide for marijuana cultivation, from basics to advanced techniques.

MongoDB Mentor

Engaging MongoDB mentor with a personable touch.

Linux Sage

Expert en Ubuntu, technique et accessible, excluant l'installation.

Dessinateur GPT

Je transforme vos idées en dessins artistiques.

Rassegna Italiana

Le ultime news su politica, economia e società

Preparador 1ª Fase OAB

Especialista em preparação para o exame da OAB com ênfase em estratégia de estudo e revisão


Expert in linear algebra, providing clear and accurate mathematical assistance.

HR Tech Guide

AI in HR tech expert with a professional, Gartner-style approach.

InstaMark Advisor

Asesor en marketing de Instagram, enfocado en escalabilidad y comunicación de propósito de marca.

Image Describer

Experto en describir imágenes para DALL-E


Personalized diet planner and recipe guide.

AI Libris

Explora y descubre libros y autores similares a tus favoritos

Linux Terminal

Responds to commands like a Linux terminal, outputting results in a code block without explanations.

Türkçe için İngilizce Çevirmen ve Geliştirici

Bu yapay zeka, orijinal anlamı koruyarak Türkçe metinleri daha sofistike ve edebi İngilizceye çevirme, yazım denetimi yapma ve geliştirme konusunda uzmanlaşmıştır.

JavaScript Console

Responds to JavaScript commands with terminal output in a code block, no explanations given. Commands are typed by the user, and the AI replies only with the output. English communication is indicated by curly brackets.

Mental Model Genie

First-principle thinker using 300+ mental models with clear examples

SEO prompts

Generate a detailed 2,000-word article outline on "Best SEO Prompts" using WebPilot, including headings, FAQs, LSI/NLP keywords, and external links.



Bash Builder

Customizable Bash script creator with explanatory guidance

Cite Master

Automates citation creation from PDFs or DOIs, using APA by default.

Hikam Guide

Guiding users through Ibn Ata Illah's Hikam

Storybook Vision

Converts photos into Pixar-style illustrations.


Created from images from the TV series The Simpson

Code Interpreter

Writes code.

Fashion Finder Pro

Analyzes clothes from images, then finds and presents similar items online.


Optimistic advocate for American growth and human flourishing.

Philosophy Buddy

Helps you understand those confusing ass old dudes and dudettes

Couple Chats

Guides couples in deepening their connection with tailored questions.

Cocktail Buddy

Analyzes books chapter by chapter, offering critical insights and ratings.

Local Tapas Discovery

Your friendly local guide for tapas and bites.

Turkish Master Chef

Creates Turkish recipes. Just name what you're looking for or show the ingredients you've available.

Crypto Buzz

Ultimate crypto expert with insider knowledge


Expert in neuroscience, offering detailed insights and explanations.


I translate. You (1) Say which languages (2) Talk

ELITE blog writing

Writes ELITE blogging content on any subject.


Your personal guide to peak performance with Strava. Track heart rate, progress & tips.


Your biology expert for detailed, accurate information.

Visit 👉 www.RoastMy.Marketing

Feisty and witty marketing critiques with actionable advice


Your go-to expert on beverages and cocktail recipes.


Explore cities, immerse in cultures, and master languages in a conversational adventure.


Primeiro robô assistente jurídico brasileiro especializado em buscar jurisprudênci

Time machine

Embodies a historical figure, sharing their daily life and thoughts.

Turing test

Trying to sound human

Emoji Speaker

I turn phrases into fun emoji strings!

Perma Life

Expert in permaculture for sustainable living advice


我是一名阅读助手帮助您快速阅读,他可以帮助你评估文章是否值得阅读,根据需求制定阅读方案,帮助您补充背景知识.您可以指定链接或者上传文章,并按照{{阅读需求| 读者身份}} 告诉我你的阅读诉求。

Green Mind Economist

AI expert in renewable energy economics, advising on sustainable practices.

Dharma Explorer

Your serene guide to the paths of Buddhism

Travel Adventure and Food Companion

Vibrant guide to global travel and diverse cuisines, inspiring exploration.

Jack Walsh

Ex-cop Chicago cop turned L.A. bounty hunter.

Our Centaur Future

Ask me a question about RADAR's latest research.

Manager's Mentor

Your personal management coach to guide you on your biggest leadership challenges.

YSGO Expert Content Creator

Crafting engaging and informative content about Ysgotoys

Doctor Recipe GO

Specialized in transcribing prescriptions into typed text.

Construction Projects GO

Expert in construction project research, compiles detailed project data tables.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Coupon Code Finder

Friendly AI assistant for finding Black Friday & Cyber Monday coupon codes.


Send the pic of a wireframe (using tldraw.com) and get a working HTML Code

World’s Wisest Grandma

A wise grandmother sharing century-old wisdom on food, health, and daily life.

The Master of Reflective Insults

Insults are to a bruised ego what succour is to the soul! I craft witty, intelligent insults tailored to your target.


Transform Your Linux Journey - Minty, Your Personal Guide to Excellence in Computing! --==Navigating Linux Mint with Expertise, Ease, and a Touch of Cypherpunk!==--

Explorer Buddy

Un guía virtual que adapta sugerencias de viaje a las preferencias del usuario

Startup Sage

Pragmatic advisor for startups

Artisan AI

Asistente creativo para prompts de DALL-E 3

Asistente DreamHouse

Experto en IA para diseñar exteriores de casas soñadas.

Korean buddy

Direct translator between Spanish and Korean, focused on swift, unadorned translations.

Bilingual Translator

Instant translations between English and Spanish

Climate Sage

A polymath scientist aiding in climate action.

Tea Time Planner

Inclusive Tea Party Planner with a focus on guest preferences and modern style.

Mindful Insight

An AI for preliminary mental health guidance, offering empathy, insight, and helpful resources.

Swell Auction Descriptions

I write auction descriptions in the style of 1960s Mad Men-era copywriters.

Chess Mentor

From novice to grandmaster, this enigmatic figure will be your guide, blending chess mastery with philosophical depth.

Historic Hypothetist

A time-traveling scientist exploring historical what-ifs.

Nuclear Peace Envoy

Assists in nuclear diplomacy and non-proliferation.

Cria roteiro da vida do cara

Fale o nome da pessoa e criarei um roteiro de filme sobre ele

Personal Team of Rivals

Abraham Lincoln used a team with diverse opinions for decision-making. This GPT simulates that by debating your questions, presenting multiple viewpoints for you to evaluate and conclude. Repeat the process as needed.

Unreal Slim Shady

I'm Unreal Slim Shady, rapping answers with wit and rhyme!

Sentiment Analysis Classifier

Provide an Article and use our powerful Sentiment Classifier

Texting Translator

Translates English to modern texting language with emojis.

Legal Regal

General legal inquiries and clarifications.

Acting Insight

Mentors actors in scene analysis, character development for television and film.

Bashar GPT

A GPT embodying Bashar's wisdom on metaphysics and reality.

401k to Gold IRA Rollover Tool - FREE

This is a guide on how to do a 401k to gold IRA rollover, and select the best company to work with.

Neo Pop

Generates mixed media collage art with Dadaism, pop art, and street influences.

Domain Evaluator

Expert in domain analysis and selection with a detailed scoring system.


What's GPTs?

OpenAI has introduced GPTs as custom versions of ChatGPT that can be tailored for specific tasks, allowing anyone to create and share their own GPT without coding. These GPTs can be used for various purposes, such as aiding in customer relationship management, financial news and information, tutoring, navigating and summarizing discussions, and biomedical literature text generation and mining.

What's GPT Store?

The GPT Store is a platform introduced by OpenAI that allows users to create and share their own custom versions of ChatGPT, known as GPTs.

The GPT Store features creations by verified builders and allows GPTs to become searchable, climb leaderboards, and be monetized. Users can earn money based on how many people are using their GPTs. The GPTs Store is designed to be a platform for distributing and promoting GPTs, similar to the App Store model, and it aims to encourage community participation in creating useful and delightful GPTs for categories like productivity, education, and "just for fun".

What's GPTs Hunter?

GPTsHunter is the first and biggest GPTs database(We are collecting almost all GPTs people share on public domain), where users can share and search the best GPTs in the GPT Store and use them with ChatGPT.

Can I submit my own GPTs to GPT Hunter?

Yes. Just submit here with your GPT url in the and it's for free.

What should I do if someone maliciously submits a GPT impersonating my service?

Please contact us, and we will proceed with the removal and blocking of the content.

How can I get my GPTs featured?

Please reach out to us. We offer the option of payment or, alternatively, a Twitter promotion of GPTsHunter in exchange if you are a social media influencer.

Can I modify the information of my GPT?

We regularly synchronize information from the GPT store. Currently, this synchronization is one-way, and modifications are not possible.

Is there a GPTs API available for integration with my application?

Yes, it will be available soon.